Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OH OH #2

As I was dyeing last week I had a mishap, the first of its kind.

Lovely turquoise dye all strewn abou the floor.
That's what I/64 tsp looks like when it gets tapped into the measuring cup but jumps like a pole vaulter right over the edge of the cup to land some distance away on the floor.

I'd like to tell you the safest and most effect way to clean this up.

First vacuum the area about a foot around the area, working your way toward the epicenter.
Suck it up last.

You will be left with a smear of dye that is still dry.
Get several damp cloths, I use paper towels.
 Again work from about two feet out and go towards the center, change your cloth frequently.
 You will be shocked out far out dye particles are and can't be seen.

Do one last wiping.
Don't try to recover the dye.
 It isn't worth it.
Even if it is part of a jar, it  is just too easy to aspirate.


  1. Hey Wanda, Hertel works great on getting dye stain out of my counter tops and anywhere else it goes. So if there is a stain left after you clean your floor, try the Hertel.
    Happy Holidays

  2. Wool garden, Thank you, there wasn't a stain and I hope it doesn't happen again.
    What is Hertel? Who makes it?