Monday, February 25, 2008

Summer Polish and Caramel Corn

OVER 1/4 yd of natural wool using Majic Carpet dyes in a dye bath until water clears
1/128th tsp. Orange + 1/128th tsp. Chocolate Brown

What’s a darker version look like ?
OVER 1/4 yd of natural wool using Majic Carpet dyes in a dye bath until water clears
1/16th tsp. Orange + 1/16th tsp. Chocolate Brown


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Drew ! another great colour

Drew is my daughter's fiance.... a terrific fellow indeed !

Over 1/4 yd lilac wool and 1/4 yd. natural
Dyes added to dye bath simultaneously.
1/8th tsp. Prochem Brown 503
1/8th tsp. Prochem Clay 516
1/8th tsp Majic Carpet Seal Brown

Denise - a great colour !

I have a very wonderful friend who says there is just not enough brown and it made me excited to create something brown that is BEYOND brown, brown with merriment, surprise , a sense of humour and a touch of rebellious fun.

Over 1/4 yd. sage green and natural
Apply these dyes one at a time into the dye bath with the wool already in it. Add acid to the Seal Brown dye solution.
1/8th tsp. Majic Carpet Seal Brown
1/16th tsp. Aljo Aubergine
1/16th tsp. Prochem Orange 233

When the water clears you are done.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some great tips on furthering our hooking from Last July

198 Words to Remember from Wiarton/07

It is better to really see than to just look.

New experiences create new ideas.

New thinking creates a renewed life.

Hook what you know (and what is right for you ).

More is better than less with colour, use like values that blend.

Be outstanding with dynamism in the use of colour and design.

Time enough for dull when we are dead.

Go for the gusto, be fearless, the Amelia Earhart of hooking.

You are your own magic wand, twirl it around a bit.

Each day is a new page to be written on ..... what’s your story ?

Just say no to what doesn’t fit with you.


Pay attention to the small things and the big things will always take care of themselves.

Got a colour problem ? The answer is always in the rug.

The colour you don’t like enhances those you love.

You deserve it ! The mistakes, the joys, the triumphant ticker tape parade.

Make goals, have everything you do support them.

Don’t look to what’s been hooked already for direction, look to the source.

The answer is always YES !!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Smoky Blue with Prochem/ Smokey Purple with Majic Carpet

This is a "use your trust and imagination" exercise.
I'm pulling this recipe out of the ancient archives, and there were no technology for pictures back then.
Dye this over 1/4 yd. wool in a regular dye bath.

This is a beautiful medium value colour, please dissolve in 1/4 cup boiling water topped of to one cup with lukewarm water

2/32 tsp Prochem Blue 440
1/128th tsp Prochem Sun Yellow 119
1/128th tsp Prochem Magenta 338
1 toothpick Prochem Black 672

For a close Smokey Purple using Majic Carpet Dyes:
Over 1/4 yd.dissolved in 1/4 cup boiling water topped of to one cup with lukewarm water
2/32 tsp Blue
1/128th tsp Yellow
1/128th tsp Red

Try combining both these formulas over 1/2 yd of natural, or over a yd for a lighter colour.
Try using these for a spot dye.
Have fun ! Let us know how it goes.