Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Make Something Everyday #28

Just in the nick of time!
I've finally caught up with myself. Posting on the day I make!
Tonight I made this with my Serenade.
And then I tried out my Imagine serger for the first time, OY.
I had some thinking to do.
The serger requires no tension dials, nor threading of loopers or even threading the needles either in the conventional sense.
I feel like I've gone from a Model T to the Starship Enterprise!

Sad little example isn't it?
I console myself with the fact that I'll have plenty of labels for my clothes where I'm going to spend the rest of my twilight years.

Here you can see my nuno felted scarf getting fancied up, a little Serenade, a little Embellisher (what a relief it was to operate this old friend!)... these 2 new Babylock things make me feel like whining a little and sucking my thumb. Time to go to bed and stop trying to figure out new inventions.


  1. Twilight years ma ASS. You are just getting started!

  2. It seemed a pretty dim moment last night as I tried to get the vast machinery working LOL!