Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Silken Shibori

Lovely scarves are silk mostly with a rayon velvet one that is green. Silk takes our protein dyes in a duller way that wool, it is always interesting to see the results. Many of these have been dyed , adjusted , dyed , adjusted in another way and dyed one last time. It makes for wonderful layers of colour !

More Dye Class results

Both are relatively new dyers, amazing - I'm as proud as a peacock!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Grape Vine Improvements

As you might know I started this little project which is a free class and pattern on the Welcome Mat for beginners or anyone who wished to take part. You can see it's simple version here I didn't want to start out too complicated.
Now as the next part of the lesson you can see the improvements which frankly are very easy to do and we could all benefit by giving our rugs a little go over to see if we can make more of a statement and make them more exciting to look at. They needn't be obvious, you just need to give a little gilding!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Time WELL Spent

Last night I just vegged out on the couch with my feet up and my frame on my lap.
I didn't mean to but I finished this little beginner project we are doing on the Welcome Mat.
Now I'm going to add some more colour to the leaf... I wanted to show it done simply and then to show how easy it is to think differently about what we could do.
I hook the leaf going from vein out to the edge of the leaf on a 45˚ angle.
This makes it very easy to add in new an unexpected colour.
I hope you find some time for some contented hooking this week-end.
Stay tuned for enrichment with this project!

If you are making things you must understand not everything you do will be a masterpiece, nor need it be, sometimes it is just a pleasure.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wanderful Studio Dye Class WMWW

Here are some of the results from my very clever students in the online dye class. These sharing dyers agreed to show you their wool. They are kind as well as clever.
Shari does a dark one
Shari exploded with the theory on day one.
Donna makes an amazing arrary
Lois Ann makes an amazing summer filled 1/2 yd.
She tries it again! Wow!

Claire makes a terrific wonderland of wool.
I'm so proud I could bust. Saturday is the last day you can join class if you are interested.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What do you think

What do you think of a rug with occasional no pile?
I'm seriously considering finishing my Vogue rug without having all the "holes" filled.
I steamed it with them filled, didn't like the colour , painted it with dye, ( to watch me look at the video on the Mat) still didn't like the colour and removed it. I like those areas of linen showing...
I bet you are hoping this mood passes.
I feel like doing even more don'ts and that is very hard to resist.

Home Invasion of Rugs!

Just like last week, a knock came to the door and there stood two rugs wrapped up like a wooly buritto. Once again Pam got them wrassled into shape and strewn where they would fit.

Is Thursday not my lucky, lucky day? I'd say so.
If you like older rugs please go www.rugsontime.ca Search for the style you like. I'm really in love with this one right now.
It is a treasure trove, no shipping, no tax, 30 day return, what more could you ask? I'm a happy girl looking at my treasures. I love the wabi sabi of them.

Views of Hook-in

Hooking the free pattern for the beginner class on The Mat, making it simple notice how I how from the vein out in a 45˚ angle. Colourful veins are holding lines only.
Marie hooks a cute sparkly stocking
Pam's cat paw
Joanne hooks her amazing cardinal rug!!!
Separated from her tree Erin makes a star with stripes ornament!
LInda uses baby yarn to create a snowflake design
It was so cold here Lorraine's snowman needed a jacket
Dianne's cute snowman also needed a coat, btw, it snowed all day long here! WHAT???!!
Barbie got this very cute snowman done!
Jane hooks her daughter on the red shores of PEI, her third rug... can you believe it?

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Dye Class in The Online Dye Studio

Remember this wool?

Wondering how I made that World's Most Beautiful Wool?
I'm giving an in-depth class on that technique starting next Tuesday, November 23. It is suitable for people of all levels of experience including none. There will be videos and photos to help you. Class size is limited so I can pay proper attention to you as you learn.

It looks glamorous but it is so very useful too and simple to create. The variations are only limited by your imagination. You will try my recipes and you'll create some of your own too. It takes a half yd. of wool for this method, I'll be using natural, tan, and light plaids. I'll also show you how to make pastels and very darks also.
We will be using a regular oven but we will try it out in our crock-pots too. This will be an inventive and exciting class. We will discuss how to use the wool in your own creations.

The class cost is $25 and will be posted at the studio for three weeks until Dec. 14th for you to use at your leisure. You may print out any and all instructions for your personal perusal and future use.

For payment press the button below or write for information about other payment methods. wlm@bmts.com

Once payment is secure I'll send you confirmation and your invitation to my online dyeing studio, Wanderful Wool.

Take some time out for yourself amid the holiday confusion, you deserve it!
I hope you can join us for some fun and interesting dyeing!

The more interesting the wool the more dynamic the rug! W.K.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Look at my beauty

Today this amazing rug came to the door. I let it in.
It laid down after my dear friend Pam spanked it.
She has a way with rugs.
It looks like it has always been here, a very good sign.
My portable rug frame is upside down so it doesn't slash Pam's babies with it's sharp teeth.
I can't stop looking at the amazing colours and wonderful, wonderful subtle changes in them.
Welcome home Rug.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Day's Dyeing

Here were the results of a day's dyeing last week!
Everything from very dark to very light.
These are my staples- the flour- lard -sugar- salt of my store.
I also dyed tons of pieces of amazing point dyeing, wanderings and shibori style wool.
These are the candy!

Of course I have to have them all sorted according to the colour wheel on the shelves.
It just makes it easier to find what I want when I'm looking for customers.

When I'm hooking what chaos my wool is in!
Everything is wonderfully jumbled together and it feels so fun to pull out and search a bit for what I need.
I hope you are getting lots of hooking done these days.
We just changed to Daylight savings and it makes the evenings wonderfully long.
And the mornings wonderfully light for long walks before my day starts.
I'll be thinking of you and what you might like to read in this blog, maybe it is time for "let's look at this"

Don't expect anything original from an echo. ~Author Unknown