Friday, March 28, 2014

Hot from the Pot! Cayenne - It's a formula!

These are the Pantone spring colours I'm replicating in the kitchen this week.
Cayenne, the 4th from the right is a beautiful colour.
I used pro chem colours and majic carpet ones together.

1/32 tsp. Red Violet ( MC) 
1/32 tsp. Bright Orange ( PC)
1/32 tsp. Magenta ( PC)
1/32 tsp. Bright Red ( PC)
1/32  tsp. Chocolate Brown ( MC)

In a dye bath method over 1/2 yd. natural wool

Monday, March 10, 2014

There's a fly in my house

Yes a live buzzing fly and that can only mean SPRING.

It's time to blossom

This is the rug I learned to dye on. I still love me old dead daisies.
Started off lady like on the roses around the outside  and broke free on the middle one and went on a glorious ride for all the rest. 
Blooming right!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Making New Friends! Uses for Yarn in Rug Hooking

A study rug I punched with yarns of all sort from ribbon to sock, bulky weight to fine.
I'd like to return to this subject again for a 10 year do over.

I've a recommendation for you, you don't see me doing this very often but I've had very wonderful  exchanges and terrific customer service with Laurel and she tells me she started a new website just lately you might find helpful addictive pleasurable.
When I want it, she has it and her shipping rates are wonderful.
I found her at and she told me yesterday the splendid news about her other new site that sells discontinued yarn at excellent prices, Dyed and Gone

Uses rug hookers have for yarn:
use sock yarn quadrupled for whipping
punch it
hook it for a fun change, for little details, for a new texture
knit it and hook through it
crochet it and hook through it
for colour inspirations
felt it for embellishments to sew on our rugs