Saturday, June 9, 2012

For Sale: Over Dyeing Colour Chart for all Dyeing

Have you always longed to know what your results will be when dyeing?
I've just created a great solution for you.
I've designed an easy to read colour chart that let's you know what will happen when you dye black over yellow or purple over orange, green over red and so on and so on and so on. It's the colour chart for over dyeing people have been asking for.

I've included a dozen colours to dye over including tan, grey, natural and white as well as 8 other colours. See these what happens to these colours over dyed with with 9 others, making a 108 colour chart for only $10.99! It is extremely useful for the home dyer.

 This works for any over dyeing regardless the materials used though I've given measures for wool and acid dyes, colour is colour and acts the same way no matter what you are dyeing.

Here is a peek at part of it:

Buy it here and I'll send you your high resolution .jpg copy via your paypal email address asap.