Saturday, December 31, 2011

Make Something Everyday #31 Conclusion

Inspired by a Globe and Mail review I tried o make Turkish pizza or pide as it is known.
I had a few things to overcome, it needed to be gluten free and I'm still earning to mix my own "flours".
And I lack authentic ingredients.
It looks kinda pretty doesn't it, even this shape brings new joy to eating the pizza.
roasted chicken
sweet onions
fire roasted red peppers
green pepper
I would have thrown on some oregano if I had been thinking.

I served it with a greens including mint and cilantro and tomatoes and blood orange balsamic vinegar soaked sweet onions. On the side we had garlicky tzatziki and hot sauce.
I think sme one was having a prank though because as i shook the hot sauce jar the lid flew off and I pretty much got that #### on everything.
Truly a hot mess!
 We also ate cucumber and red grapes along with the other things.

Later on after some restlessness and roaming around I sat down with my sketchbook and got scribbled ideas for my Day by Day Rug by trying out the three shapes I choose on a few backgrounds. We are to use these three shapes each day. The sky is the limit... as I typed this I realized one could use shape for sky parts another for land and the third shapes for foliage.
I also drew up 10 or 12  designs for clothes because I'm back to designing and sewing, but only for myself at this point.

As a special treat I spun up a batt I ordered from JazzTurtle!
 Esther, thank you! I gotta love a girl who sends chocolate and a bonus batt!
It really turned out well and softened up my hands beautifully.
 Tomorrow I'll ply it with something wonderful and thin.

This post concludes make a thing a day but I'm toying with the idea of doing this for year! I'm mad I tell you  stark raving.

Oh I've also begun a weekly practice of tweeting dyeing recipes.
Why not follow me so you can get the recipes on the fly?
My name is wandakerr there.

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  1. Not fair my friend you can sew and spin and hook AND cook! Literally my mouth is watering at your gorgeous pide. Wow maybe you could open a restaurant in your spare time. Don't shoot me!