Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zero Waste

This is a lot of talk right now about zero waste production.
Hooking is very good at using up all parts of the material we buy for it. I also have a embellishing machine which lets me turn even those last little snibbles up into felted pictures, brooches or bookmarks/cards.
Almost anything can be spun into "yarn" once again I can thrift away my heart.
That leaves sewing and incredibly it is very wasteful. Pattern layouts frequently leave great gouts of fabric unused.

I recently got a pretty little piece of fabric from Marcy Tilton and could not get all the yardage I desired. I asked that it be sent ahead anyway and I'm glad I did, I love it.
But this shortage left me puzzling about what to make and how to get the best out of my fabric.
BTW if I want to I can call and know right away if there is the yardage I desire but I'm too lazy and shy to call.

It seems I had about 2.5 yds. of 60" wide knit fabric.

I decided to make a empire dress with bodice and sleeves in one piece.
I used the remainder and cut out two pieces of wide topped A- line skirt.
I pleated this to apply to the bodice. I used a bit of the arc to create a deep sleeve cuff.
 The fabric I cut off the side of the skirt turned into a facing and collar which forms a decorative flower where it meets.

All I had left was the circles I cut out for neck holes, and incredibly small serging trimmings.
If I can think of what to do with this then I will truly be in Zero Waste Heaven.

I plan on wearing it with a nice little black shrug and a corsety belt I made from a skirt leaving. More on that tomorrow!
Yes using up these bit is really turning me on.