Saturday, March 28, 2009

NEW Wandering Recipe - Apple

Finally I'm in the dye pots, I bet you are all glad, so starved to see some COLOUR.
I think I'll refer to this winter and The GREAT STALL.

Here is the Method:
This formula is dyed over a 1/2 yd of natural wool, I used Majic Carpet Dyes.

The Method
Fill a 12 or 14 quart kettle 3/4 full with water.
Heat it.
Add a very generous handful of pickling salt. I use 1/2 cup.
Measure dye from formula line #1 into a measure cup and dissolve with boiling water then top up to one cup with cool water. ( this is making a dye solution)
Pour this solution into the pot.

Place into the pot a 1/2 yard of wool that has been pre-soaked in wetting agent (drop of plain shampoo or jet dry without bleach or synthropol.
Stir with a spoon or ruler for a few seconds. Let some wool be above the water.
Leave for 10 minutes .
Stir in 1/2 tsp. citric acid crystals.
Poke wool down with a spoon ( I use a wooden ruler) until it is submerged. Only do this once.
Wait for colour to be absorbed.

Pour solution from line #2 over the wool.
Give one swift whip of a spoon, do not stir further.
Only add acid once.
Leave for 10 minutes.

Pour solution from line #3 over wool.
Use the same stirring routine as mentioned before.
Continue repeatedly adding the dyes from each line in this way until you reach the end of the formula.
Rinse wool well and dry.

1/32 tsp. Orange ( bright )
1/32 tsp Moss green ( dull medium yellow green )
1/32 tsp Red ( a bright one )

Here it is but it is more real red than candy red as pictured. I know why red is commonly associated with the the devil. What a pain to take a picture of !

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Stripe Effect

On the topic of light fastness here is a sample of my aforementioned test.
Here is the side of the strip that was hooked up , see the stripes ?

Here is the under side of the same strip

KoolAid dyeing/ Testing For light Fastness- a simple one

It seems like a good idea at the time, you can try dyeing without the cost of expensive dyes. But there is a problem about longevity.
I've have not had good light fastness with koolaid dyeing.
As a matter of fact it has been abysmal - fuschia , blue, violet green, yellow is now back to natural.
For a good light fastness test pull out a strip of wool from a rug where you can easily replace it.
Does the strip look striped, are the high points lighter ?
You got fade....
All rugs more than a year old that are out in the open ( not rolled in a closet) have it, but we can control to what degree by using good dyes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog Flog & American Artist "Drawing"

I am being very bad about posting on my blog this month, I almost need to set up a daily date to do so. One thing blogs need is fodder and I have not been doing much in the making department. My purse still lays as it was, I haven't really dyed anything of import. A few adjustments to people's wool here and there but nothing serious. I am doing lots of work on The Welcome Mat though and that's a good thing.

Occasionally I do like to buy art magazines, I have a few subscriptions, Quilting Arts , Belle Armoire and Fiber Arts. I find these good for inspiration and for hearing news about things of interest to me.
In the latest issue of Fiber Arts is a recommendation for a publication by American Artist, Drawing.This winter issue is on sale until May, so you still have time to seek it out.
It features an article about the importance of drawing in the fiber arts.
Also , how to get more than a mere likeness in portraits splendidly examining an array of styles.

Happy hooking !

Friday, March 6, 2009

Opportunities Abound

I wanted to draw your attention to classes I'll be having this year.
This is a great opportunity to enrich your techniques and to kindle with other exciting artists in a small relaxed setting.
I have a few openings and hope you might be part of our well fertilized furrow for a week.
There are two opportunities for a "be your own magician " class, July 6 to 11 and Sept.14 to 19th
If dyeing is more what you are interested in come along for The Oct. 5 to 7th class. You must know how to dye for this class.

Are you looking for a network of rug hookers with imagination and inspiration ? I hold online classes here too both paid and free.
Sign up to The Welcome Mat, there are over 3500 rugs to see !

For a great more southerly class
Have you always wanted to have a class with Eric Sandberg ?
Michele Micarelli of New Haven CT is hosting a class for him in her amazing home March 25 to 27th.
Don't miss this wonderful opportunity. It 's just the way to kick off spring !
Contact Michele for more info

Thursday Hook in

What a wide variety of projects were being worked on !
wonderful gray rabbit
black and white scrolly line drawing of an ornate ironwork above and below tree of life
sand and seashells
Snowman stocking
a house pictorial
Aurora Borealis
a North channel pictorial
a group of elk
a waterlily photo
a close up of a fall tree

Here are the artists:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I like the Quiet/ Creativity Class

I really think we could all do with a little more quiet time.
It seems there is always something on..... activity, noise, something to do or go to.
Have you ever thought about having a stimulation vacation ?
Just close your eyes and be.

Try it. It's good for you. It is good to allow room for new ideas to come.

If these types of hints for creativity are interesting to you perhaps you would like to join my online class at The WandaWay Studio.
If so let me know.
Here is a blurb about it.

I've set up a wonderful virtual studio, The Wanda Way, for us to take online classes for those interested. I've done this many times and the results of the classes generally prove to be better than live and in person ones. You can do things at your own pace when you are ready.
The first class is set to start next Monday March 9. There are two lessons in this class, the subject is creativity, finding it, exercising it , applying it. You will have one month to do the homework, hooking is not involved unless you want it to be .....
If you think this sounds like something you want to try and you want to join us just write me a note @
If you have already signed up , I can hardly wait for us to get started, look for a teaser on Friday !

More Online Class Info:

Our Topic:
Creativity - what is it, how to get more of it , how to apply it.
This helps in all avenues of our lives, from problem solving to cooking, including our hooking.

I started a new network called The Wanda Way Studio, it is private, only students will take part.
You will sign up to it from an invitation from me.

Monday, March 9 I send out the first lesson by posting in on The Main Page of The Studio. You go online when you feel like it. If I decide we need a chat you can come on during that time or give it pass.
You have a good two weeks before I post the next lesson. You will be a student in this class for at least a month.

How Much ?
$30 total , $15 per each lesson

How to Pay ?
I like to use paypal, but we can do other arrangements if necessary. I will send a paypal invoice to you if that what you want.

What part does the student play ?
Send me a blatant letter to saying I want it ! I need blunt direction. I'll send you a pay pal invoice and then, an invitation to  join the Wanda Way Studio.
You open the first lesson, you read it, you read it again if you need to, you think about it, you do the homework I outline with stuff you have on hand.
You send it in with pictures if needed. You do it when you feel like it. You interact and speak to your fellow students  just as though you are in a real studio. You talk about your work you done in class and comment on the wonderful things we've all done if you please.

What part does the Teacher play ?
I make the lesson, I support it with all manner of visuals. I set up a chat time for us to talk about it. I comment on your homework if you wish, I provide support and stimulation. I provide mind stretching.

Join us if you dare!

"Found" Rugs, What can you see today ?

Why is time whistling by my ears faster than I want ?
I can't believe I haven't posted since Feb 25 !

I like to think of new inspirations. We are often seeing the same old things as subject matter. As I was stumbling around the web I found a site of wonderful photo graphs described as found paintings.

I posted this to The Welcome Mat in the Imagine That Group.
I asked, do you think we could go out or in and find something that might be a good design to hook ?

I like the patterns on this, I rotated it for a better ( more arresting ) view.

Colourwise, not really my bag so I had some fun selecting out and changing different parts of it, the light one is the whole picture again.

Though not in the direct spirit if the found painting ( landscapeish ) photos with a little work I can see the potential. I do love the bright rusted boat sides and the off set linear with the rust effects creating texture and drama. Up close and personal with the photo is the way to go.

What can you see today, you never thought of before ?