Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Make Something Everyday #26 and 27

Whew holidays and company sure throw a spanner into "make something everyday". I do make but can't always post.
 On the 26th I kitted out this dry felted snowman as a cowboy.
 In January on The Welcome Mat we will be making dry felted snowman, it is our part of our monthly pattern and plus a bonus comprehensive , start to finish construction video lesson!
We will also be starting our January Journals, this year titled Day by Day. if you are not a member it is a great month to join, not to mention our yearly free class coming in February.

And the 27th I continued to knit on my gift for Erin, a set of Sleeves... so you can read at night in bed and not freeze your shoulders and arms off.
Wood heating women of the world unite!

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