Saturday, July 21, 2012

Join Us in September - An Enrichment Class

Huron Islands - just one of the beautiful vistas in this area

I'm having a studio class and you are invited.
 September 10 to 14th, 2012
10 to 4 each day
Where: In Wiarton
What is it about?

Going beyond expected outcomes are the bywords for this class. Are you ready for an enrichment experience where I'll suggest new avenues for your hooking explorations you can ignore or run with? Feeling tired of making the same old thing in the same old colours? We will start each day with a small hands on dyeing session and spend the rest of the day working on the projects you wish to start or revive, your choice excluding portraits.
I'll be your "gentle Mentor" for this week of fun and inspiration. I'll meet you where you are and take you towards your goal. Suitable for all people who know how to hold a hook and pull a loop.
Salad for lunch, treats and liquid libation included. Cost: $500.00
BTW Many times students join together to rent a beautiful cottage making accommodation cost very, very reasonable. It will be the off season then also. I'll be connecting committed student up so they can make plans. Or gather 8 of your friends and come together.
Write me at for any inquiries
I hope you can come. Act quickly space is limited.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making memories I can hold onto

If you are like me, things are happening faster and faster and I'm remembering less and less.
Time proceeds.
 To stop time I'm creating a journal of this summer.
Starting June 28th I started compiling things and THOUGHTS ( my dog I do have them!)
Usually I do this in wool, this time I'm booking it.

Here is the page from my delightful and heartwarming visit from Diane Cox, an extraordinary hooker, from Penzance.
Blessings abounded. 
Then I set off for Asheville.
This will continue to be an eventful summer I believe,  Thea only has a few days remaining until her due date. Mary meanwhile has applied a home bikini wax.
Both look great!
Make or hold onto to some memories if you can. It's a tricky age!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Magic: That is You

So often people are selling a product that is giving their magic to you.
I'm much more interested in standing by your side as you discover your own magic.
Instead of pruning off some second hand rose for you to smell I'm showing you your own potential, your whole garden. Weeding, fertilizer, struggles and triumphs included as you work your way towards harvest.

I just had the most amazing experience of this in Asheville during my artist's retreat.
We used a tried and true formula I stumbled upon in my own work.
What resulted was nothing short of a miracle.
I have no photos to show you, these works belong to and represent the maker entirely.
They are not my story to tell.

But what I can tell you is you are a creative miracle.
Even when you don't know what the eff is happening next, if you can go forward in faith you will reveal something that is important to show us all.

We are all here for one soul purpose, to share our stories.
I was blessed beyond measure to witness such a blossoming of tales, both long and strong. I'm blown away and so proud of the exhibition of courage I saw to go beyond expected outcomes.

I encourage you to join The Welcome Mat.
This is my soul product but here your magic is leagues more important than my expression.

It is a place where we are planting seeds of the future expression of rug hooking.
For $30.00 a year you can have daily enrichment for your soul.
You can have encouragement, help, commiseration.
And all the hooking and dyeing advice you can take in.
Spread your wings to accept all that is possible in you and through you.
If your soul craves more, and it probably does, join us and we will travel down your garden's path.
I can't wait to see the view.