Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Start of Something Beautiful

I love to solve problems.
One of the basic difficulties we have as dyers? There is no comparison charts or help for getting similar colours from different dye brands.

This week I'm introducing a new set of dyeing articles on The Welcome Mat.
This is all part of the regular Welcome Mat subscription for a mere $30 a year. (8¢ a day!)

It's called Colour Craft
Each month I'll be concentrating on a colour from the 12 stations of the colour wheel.
January is Yellow. Bring on the sun and the heat!

I've dyed yellow with the three companies and better yet I'll describe to you in great length what you can do with your yellow, how one yellow dye compares to the other and what you can do to get similar coloration no matter which dyes you use. I'll even be including tips on hooking with the focus colour common pitfalls and solves with colour planning.

Join us now!

If you are already a member look in our Dyeing To Know for Colour Craft

Here are a few things we are talking about on The Mat this week:
• the fine points on letters and other objects and how to hook them
• how to hook wind
• dyeing turquoise
• artist Anne Savage

And it is only Wednesday!

Here are the dyes I'm using for all my dyeing writing now as well as all the Majic Carpet dyes:

I hope you have one group ( or more ) of these because 
you are going to need them!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So Busy Hooking


I've been busy hooking my January Journal,  In a Word.
Here is the progress so far! 
A word a day with some fun thrown in.
I sort of hate  hooking N and Z- just saying.
What have you been doing?

I love starting the year off the way I mean to proceed.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

the hat that ate the hind end off the year

This is what I was making every day all through the last week in December.

Fit for yon queen.

Aunty looks pretty happy.

So does Momma.

Dyeing Glowing Colours - A video tutorial

Please share this video with all your wool dyeing and rug hooking friends

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Journal Time - In a Word - Wanna Play?

Many of us love words almost as much as we love wool. This year in our wonderful Welcome Mat tradition, The January Journal study, we are concentrating on the phrase In a Word.
So many fantastic rugs are made in these sessions and great strides are established in confidence, colour play and personal understanding as we stretch each day to refine our mind to heart to hand connections.

The path way is wide open for your interpretation. For the first time we are opening up our journaling to also include a more traditional type if people don't have time to hook.

31 days, a word for each? One phrase you embellish and embroider as the days of January sail by?
Words that describe you? A crossword? The words you love to say or others use to confine you?
This project can be a gateway to deeper hooking and a more artistic path unique to you.

There is much support and help from others, and I post great guiding and encouraging letters with terrific info on the hooking of letters.
This is like the very best hooking class you've taken, where you make what is in your heart.

Yes I know it is January 2nd.
I haven't started mine yet either.
Want to come in and play? There is plenty of room for you. A dollar a day to play!

Please accept this as your invitation. 
Feel free to share this with other rug hookers or woolworkers you know.

By clicking the link and going through the process of joining us you will also be opening yourself up to  a whole year of wonderful Welcome Mat gleanings including this February's free class and pattern for all members, this year it will be The Spirit Owl, my design recently featured in RHM.

Live your loves. Delve into your desires, set your heart afire.


Frankly I spent all this time making one dang hat.
In sock yarn with a needle that passes for a crochet hook and it is still not done.
I'll post a photo when I can look at it in the bald light of the day.

I did also make Aimee her yearly ornament.
I make her a heart.
This year it was calico, stuffed with roving , I wonder if I should date them?
Of course I did not take a photo.
Poor Blogger I am.