Monday, October 31, 2011

A Big Wheel

Happy Hallowe'en!

It was treat only today when we went to spin in because we had a great person, Bridget demonstrate and then teach us to spin on a Walking Wheel if we wished.

 She found this walking wheel in a family farm homestead and they handed a bag of parts to her and said, good luck. By trial and error and sometimes great luck in finding people with skills to help her to  refurbish it she then taught herself to use it. Clever!

I was the witch in the story spinning old school but she was a genius and so great at teaching you what to do. Most likely a princess. She wasn't wearing a nightgown though.

A very old school style of spinning, probably what they were doing during the of the Salem Witch  Trials, this is not for those of us who like to sit down. You can see a demo here, this is not Bridget! But this is how you do it. Very dancelike and calming to watch. Sorta Tai Chi for spinners.

Here is one- not a wheel for apartment dwellers!

Today I spun special wool for Alicia's fingerless gloves she won in The Wool of Fortune, the Welcome Mat's game show.

I'm wishing you the treat of wonderful wool working for you this week!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whose Daughter ARE you?

You all know I'm a rug hooker and a wool worker and frankly my dears I feel that is enough at this time in my life.
Coincide this fact with the fact we want to give #1 her wedding present. She forces us to call her #1. We have no choice.

Now we want to give these two something that lasts. A gift for a lifetime. Hopefully hand or homemade.

Far be it for me to lay one of my horrible rugs on someone unwanted. But really I can make any kind of vile rug and will ( just try and stop me) and it is something you can easily cover the woodpile with, let the dog vomit on or let your cat have kittens in, very, very useful. 
I think you can strain gravy through them too but I've never tried.

Last night on the phone I'm skirting the edge of this again...
When I asked her for the bleventy bleventh time what would she like or what would her number one 
( we must spell them this way to make sure we do not get mixed up) like I get met with silence.

And she says you know what I really want you to make ?
What I say? 

A quilt!
 A quilt?
A quilt!

Are you crazy? I'm not a quilter. I'm a hooker.
I hook.
Do you know who I am?
Do you want a wool quilt?

Why don't I make you a jet plane from recycled tin cans ?
Or maybe do the plumbing in your house with buttons and zippers ?
 Or maybe I could make you the leader of a small country with the power of my mind?
 All seem equally possible.

I'm standing firm, I am not a quilter.

Strangely I said the same thing about spinning and look what happened there.
No really  LOOK!

Terrifying, hold fast to your boundaries dear readers, hold fast.
All I need to break the spell is a kiss from a quilter.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spirit Moose

Here is wee spirit moose waiting for her raspberry plate (trim for the outline of the rug) and a few other refinements/ adjustments like her disappearing berries for instance.
 I love make strange scrappy pieces and this sure fits the bill.
 If you want to hook this pattern or peruse other varied and interesting archived free pattern choices, Join the Welcome Mat

Also from my new dye column on The  Welcome Mat, Dyeing Matters this weeks colours:
Holgate Blue and Thomson Green inspired by the Group Of Seven.

Hope you are creating and are well and happy!
I'm on drugs. 
I said yes.
Sinus drugs.
This public service announcement has been brought to you by the good folks at The Welcome Mat.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blockage/Spinrite/ Styling

If only my sinuses would act half wise I'd be able to think and function.
Instead they are trying to take over my whole body with their rebellious ways. Who needs a teenager when they have a sinus condition? Continuous hell with intermittent periods of drainage but not of the wallet thankfully.

On a happy note today someone told me my rugs were like fine french food. Wasn't that delightful?
But really I wish they would stop eating them because they are made largely of butter and cream and that stuff is expensive to replace and harder to hook with.

I went to the Anderson Center Site and learned they called me Wand in the list of artists.
Isn't that cute?
 I would have like them to add Magic to that, like Magic Johnson.
I would really be styling then.

Speaking of styling I'm going to be getting more grown up furniture.
This is part of my bid to no longer live like "honeymooners in their first apartment ala orange crates and found street orphans of chest of drawers and couches"

It is a good thing. A sectional. I took cat hair to choose the material best suited to not show it.
I hope the next person who chooses that sample is not allergic.
It is a twill weave with a repeat making small diamonds. 
If I can't wear 'em I'll sit on 'em.
It was music to my ears when the saleswoman said, do you know about our sale?

I also went to the Spinrite outlet. I was hoping for cones of fine things.
I was mildly disappointed but did find some things for core spinning and for the stuff to make this yarn, I'm going to make wrap a wreath with it:

 Celie likes it!
And I spun this yarn... and plied it at Back to Basic's Monday Spin in
 And look at the way roving and then spun locks that were plied back on themselves look from the same dye pot lot.
 And here are some spun natural locks ( BFL)

I have also finished hooking my spirit Moose and will post him here tomorrow
 Happy hooking and spinning!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I built this week

I'm greatly inspired by our Welcome Mat events this week.
Below is my Spirit Moose from our September free pattern:
This is also our fall challenge project, to let our spirits move us to explore this pattern. So many amazing moose ( meeese? ) of all types ( abstracted, interpreted, exciting!) and varying wonderful colour plans, some of us are hooking it twice we are so smitten!
I'm using up the wool, as I stated before, from my summer rugs.
Earlier this week taken in day light

As of tonight, still a work in progress.

And we are having a scary yarn challenge too in our group Amusing Yarns

Ghosts and Goblins


I've also started a new monthly book review for good rug hooking books and am well into my new 
column called Dyeing Matters. It is somewhat like my column in Rug Hooking but with completely different content and weekly submissions, sometime with kinda the same results formula translation We are currently exploring colours from The Group of Seven. 
You should join us, we are having a blast. Just click the link at the top of this post.

Last but not least
I'm getting this quote as a tattoo, not sure where just yet.
 Will take into consideration submissions of general areass. areas Whoops that was a typo but I guess it was kinda Freudian... wasn't it?
Hi Claude!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Let 'er rip I say

I feel pretty strongly about ripping out offending loops as I hook.
I'm not from the leave it in and see what it looks like later school of thought, I'm not that curious.

When I'm deciding to rip out it is instant.
I ask myself the question, is this colour selection doing the job it needs to in this section I placed it?
Of course I already kinda know what it will need to do, because mostly while hooking I hold a pretty firm concept in my mind. Maybe it needs to recede or provide a fence or make another part stand out or make rest for the eye, or keep action and passivity balanced. There are many jobs colour does.
I can see that right away. I don't wait, fearing a domino effect by letting a slacker stay in the work place I fire them as soon as possible in case soon everybody is leaning on their brooms.

I often rip out pitifully formed loops too especially when I'm trying to go in another direction and I start loosing my smooth corn kernel look.

Right now I'm hooking Spirit Moose with leftovers from my summer rugs.
It is clear when one part is alarming. When light dawns over yonder yardarm I'll take a photo for you. Meanwhile you can imagine all the strips left from 3 rugs joining together, hmmm dogs breakfast anyone?

I just realized you might have though this entry was more of a gaseous nature.
Sorry to disappoint.

Signed the old windbag

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hooked Hand bag and fingerless gloves

My Hat and Fingerless Gloves
Long ago I started a handbag, then I fell down on the job, but today I finished it!
It is called Stoned.
The rocks go all the way around and change colour, I dyed it with my method " The World's Most Wonderful Wool" So humble.
Speaking of rocks, my new and just started yesterday and finished two hours later fingerless gloves with my hand spun match my new bag perfectly. Fall here I come!
Keep on rockin' in the free world!

Yes I'm headless for a reason, the hair my friends is despicable. I was up all night and well it is astounding!

hmmm, gotta do something about my upper lip too it seems...
 Just look at the gloves my friends.... that'll solve everything.

Here is a terrifying chunk of The Welcome Mat's newest pattern:

Which is scarier?


Daughter you asked and I will share with you this long held secret. Now I can die in peace.

 Cheese Sauce

3 tbsp flour
3 tbsp butter or margerine
Mash together in a pot to form a paste

Add in 1/2 tsp dry mustard if you wish, it adds tang. Do not add French's  Flavine Yellow mustard, not tranferrable
Add in some pepper.

Pour in two cups of cold milk or half and half ( dear god!) 

Heat while whisking.

It will get thick and ubbly or bubbly as I meant to say.

Let it cook for a minute on low.

Grate 2 cups of old cheddar the colour of cheetos if'n you like yours orange.

Add in and stir until melted.
 It's go time girly!
Straight to the broccoli.

Make sure the broccoli really drains well, because it tends to hold water and that is nasty to the cheese sauce, NASTY I say!

It is the food of gods.
Love your mom even if you don't like her.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Around The Sound Studio Tour! We are ready.

This was just before we were ready to roll, we had a great week-end and lots of fun, good sales too, including my pear rug, "What a pair!" There were interesting people, wonderful conversations and I hooked half a rug and spun 4 batts up. What else could a girl want?
Oh and my hair was fabulouso.

I hope this explains why I fell off the face of the blogosphere for a week or so.
I'm hard at my article for spring in RHM right now so I've got to run to the scanner, that's the best way I've found to bring you the truest colour I can.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cathy! Gives us a tour of the Anderson Center Rug Show!

Go here to see her thoughts on the show and see amazing rugs!
 I think I might hook a rug of this photo... if Cathy lets me!

This sheep has a better orthodontist than me!
That's all I'm saying.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Antique Coverlet/ The Bar/ The Edge

 This week I bought an antique coverlet in an overshot pattern from Back to Basics Farm, I'm going to look up which one in my Marguerite Davisons book, soon and report back. It is in primo condition!
It is wool turquoise weft and a white linen warp making this linsey woolsey, sometimes it's called winsey! If you read Anne of Green Gables, winsey is mentioned many times.  This brings us full circle back to Joanne who owns Back to Basics as she is reading all of Lucy Maude Montgomery's autobiographical journals right now! Isn't that a interesting circle?

Birdee loves it, in her former life as a super model she developed the talent of always situating herself to the best possible photographic advantage. Too bad the camera wielder is not so talented.

Speaking of handling... this monarch, it's a boy! ( how to sex a butterfly will be in the next instalment) was hatched at Man's work and then abandoned by it's handler for the week-end. It needed FOOD but was still in its enclosure, inside our house, far from any butterfly fast food.
So how can you force a monarch to belly up to the bar?
To explain in a simple way, they eat through something like an elephant's trunk.
It is curled up close to its body somewhere between its first legs and antennae.
It needs the flower to trigger it somehow to unfurl the "trunk. I don't know for sure what makes it 'know" where it can eat, I'm a woman of wool,  not science!

But instead of flowers we have a tray of sugar water so we need to intervene.
Using a beading needle ( the blunt end) I stroke the area until the "trunk" unfurls (it was beautifully curved), I dip the end of the trunk into the sugar water and it straightens right out like a hose at the gas station and it takes on all it needs. We kept him until this morning and then released him. It is cold but he was energetic and sailed right up to the roof and over heading southward on the strong north wind. Probably he is crossing Lake Erie right now!
The moral of this story? You can lead a butterfly to the bar and have him drink.

I'm officially done with September Vogue, the edge is on and I'm replete with completing. Now for the final steaming and over looking for errant strip ends or threads. It only took 3 Septembers! 09, 10, 11.
And though I hated it for all of 2010, I'm now back in the area of kind regard or even fondness.