Saturday, July 31, 2010

Notan Cat

I'm too sleepy to post right now
Cat picture from here
To read more about Notan ( something we should know about ) go here

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Delight comes in the Mail!!/ What's on the one Frame

Here is what's on one of my frames, a time travel rug! I started this one at Northern Teacher's Workshop in 2004 or so. It is going to be a bed pillow I think, it matched my 2004 colorations, not so much now! I look forward to the sun doing it's work here. Mellow is something to develop in a rug through time and exposure! I still kinds like it though.
Look what I got ! What a cornucopia of delights! I can't wait to use these spintastic things to make some of these

Or these

Or these

A Trip is Worth a Thousand Inspirations

Me at Craighleith
Yesterday I went to a larger centre, did you know I live in a small town but in a rural area? It's a two hour drive to Starbucks in other words. Not that I drink the devil's brew but just to illustrate.

What did I do that made such a difference, what inspired me?
Driving out of my comfort zone in air conditioned comfort.
Spending a peaceful, happy day with my man.
Seeing new colours in fashion then discovering I'm being drawn to white right now over and over and over.
Bringing home some new issues of magazines that never fail to spark me in some way.
What is it about a bookstore that calms me so and excites at the same time?
Looking at things other people made and displayed creatively.
I saw a 1 gallon teapot, at a great store called Our House ( met another Wanda!!!) a hooker needs that teapot for friends on Thursdays.
Have my favourite, a Thai salad, Som Tam and a whole Thai meal
Stick my feet into a bath tub warm ( I can't believe it even now) Georgian Bay, here in Wiarton there might still be the odd ice pan in our section of the Bay, well it feels that way!!! Refreshing is the word I'd use.
Seeing the same thing from a different view.
Drawing a picture of what I saw and disappearing for an hour in it, I love that feeling which once frequent is now rare as hen's teeth.
I gained a fresh idea for hooking a rug, also as rare as can be.

I've got riches today my friends, riches stored up and ready to share.

Life begets life. Energy becomes energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.
Sarah Bernhardt

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cedar Point- An Inspiration

Cedar Point
2002 hand torn on linen
As you might have noticed I like to return to certain parts of my area again and again.
I'm like that in all parts of my life, there is always something new to discover both about myself and my surroundings.
Several years ago I took this photo in the very late winter or very early spring.
I wanted to make a rug of it but I wanted to do it in the style of strip piece quilting. Hooked in straight rows, I didn't make the shapes of the shore or water and then hook around them I went row by row.
It was amazing fun to do. I needed to really edit and it was very hard to set aside my right brain to make the shore disappear down the bay. As soon as I remind myself to do what I see, I was on easy street I used this photo and another one to flesh out the right hand area more and allow me make a landscape rectangle instead of a portrait style one.

A Dragonfly

This month's free pattern on The Welcome Mat is a dragonfly. I made a simpler version of this pattern I made long ago.
I used scraps to hook the flowers and the dragonfly and for the glass pebbles in the border.
Would you like to learn to hook the more complicated version ?
Why not come to my September class? We can explore the creative universe together, it will be great fun and I'll spoil you rotten!

Great News: Lorraine Finished her Chair Pads

Lorraine! Hats off to you girl, you did a terrific job of these fruits... well done! They are curved and they have dimension and look good enough to eat. Fantastic!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Drawing by the shore/ Broccoli Heaven

I'm a dastardly blogger this summer. I can't seem to settle down at the computer unless it is cool out or I have company in the house. The two things seldom coincide. Man it has been a steady run with the dehumidifiers, it has been so hot and wet.
Lots of good things have been happening in the steam bath though.

Happy at the shore post picnic

My sketch

I'm teaching my online design class and I'm working myself on the the Line portion of class.
Here is a picture I drew by the shore or if I want to be all arty like I'd say a sketch instead of a picture.

Here is the amazing incredible broccoli island floating in a sea of mac and cheese! It grown by the gifted and green thumbed Peter Allemang, I cannot believe he and Erin gifted us with one. It was a whole new eating experience! Thank you guys!
Rugs to look at tomorrow my friends....
Can't wait to show you..
PS This week on the Welcome Mat we are having a Back to basics week, I hope you'll drop in with your fine self to have a look see!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A good letter from the Mat

On the Welcome Mat group Styles we went here to see the amazing work of Scott Prior.

This compelled Gail to write this:
Yes, the quality of the light here is very compelling. I especially like his kitchen pictures (great colors), and the ones with bottles lined up with light playing through and off them. I would like to own the one of the bottles painted in the window sill at sunrise. Wanda, do you think; I think you do; that a hooker can get the feeling of seeing through and object like the bottles and seeing light and color beyond? Where on earth would I start? Have to do some hecka fine dyeing I think. Comments always welcome.

Here is what I said:
Yes Gail you know I do.... we are just so afraid of using soft edges and extremes in value we make it hard for ourselves. As part of my portrait class I show students portraits done with chewing gum on birch plywood. They are picture perfect. Our restraint comes from ourselves, not from our materials. Amazing eh?
You start by looking for shapes, then assigning colour specifics to it, right value, right saturation, temperature and colour though the specific colour is really the last thing on the list... It ain't in the dyeing, though it helps to have hundreds of colours on tap, the great thing is you don't need too much of any one thing, what fun! Make sure you create a fulsome stash!
Be a thorough and slow looker babe.... your sketching is teaching you to do just that.
Well done.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Encouraging Letter to My Students

Birdee's Reaction to Day 3- a coma

Dear Students,
Thank you for coming here to class. You both blessed me and encouraged me and enriched me with your presence.
Here are the things I think we should remember from our time together and I'd cherish any additions you can make to this list, please send them to us all.

1 There are no experts except the ones you make.

2 You know better what to do than any one else, trust yourself.

3 You should have more fun while you dye and hook, life isn't a dress rehearsal.

4 You might not be here and think you can't do it but I'm telling you, you were doing it and you can do it and I'm in charge of knowing that. Just do it!

5 Don't put off doing what you want to. Seize the day.

6 Strong works require strong ideas, great work requires flexibility.

7 You can use what you have with value blending to make amazing things, results are frequently better than using store bought wool.

8 Plans are good, adventures are better.

9 Be magical with colour, just be sure the assistant you choose to do this fits in with the crowd... Las Vegas show girl will not fit in at the Quaker meetinghouse.

10 Put a little bit of extra work in the beginning... plan out where you think you want to go. It will save you time in the long run.

You are a loving blessing.
Do not outline, those days are done, paint strokes with your hook, let your inner goddess of the brunch blossom, imagine what you can do and then do it! I know you can. Each thing you did on your rug showed growth as the days passed, the water was a revelation....The cats bless you every day, they seem to have built a shrine with the snibbles you left behind, do you feel like a deity? I cannot wait to see what you will create next. You held me to the task and I'm grateful to know you.

Girl, you are one hard worker and that's just what portraitist needs to be. I saw such amazing development as the week progressed. You were editing, you were making needed changes artistically, I know with out a doubt you got what it takes to do any damn thing you please. Look away from the portrait. Get a reducing glass, it will help you get an overall view. Keep at it, you are near a break through with this concept. I love your tenacity and your humour... your dislike of hot food I'm overlooking for now LOL! Build in relaxation or you are gonna blow, been there, done that. Be smarter than me.

You are a loving person and I relished your hugs! I admire your enjoyment of the obscure and enlightening.
You did a great job with your sunset and with your farm field scene. Don't get hung up on executing the perfect concept, let artistry happen!
Your search for style is officially over. All you need to do is dream up and execute your ideas. You'll need to take lots of catnaps because you will be so busy !!!
Let your two sides shine, they both have things to say. Accept your unique self and expand in all ways possible. I'm so glad to have been with you and I'm thankful for the opportunity to know you better. Beware the gold...

I'd like to use you for a poster child when I explain it is best to have few or no plans when you come to class here. You were open, relaxed, had a few things you wanted to accomplish in mind and set out to do them. I'm proud of your abilities. I can see if you wished it you could become a leading light in the hooking world. You did me a world of good, your humour, appreciation of my pets and not pets and looking at my rugs with a fresh eye was inspiring. You did a fantastic job with your projects, keep on, you have an amazing potential. I'll be saying, oh I knew her way back in '10. Trust your mensa mind and your gut!

Bless you,
PS I'm taking out the names and I'm gonna post this on my blog, so others might be encouraged by our week too.

That Leo! So Smart

Every now and then go away and have a little relaxation. To remain constantly at work will diminish your judgment. Go some distance away, because work will be in perspective and a lack of harmony is more readily seen.
– Leonardo DaVinci

Monday, July 5, 2010

More Class Photos

Splendid dyeing work Kay!Celie stakes her claim on Jen's wonderful wool!

Helen and Terri can't believe their results!Here is something else delicious we ate...

Chocolate Oaties

2 cups brown sugar packed

¾ cup soft butter

2 eggs

2 tsp vanilla

2-½ cups bisquick or gluten free pancake/waffle mix if you need a treat for those special people in your life.

3 cups oats

1 ½ cup of chocolate ( squares or chips)

1 can sweetened condensed milk

2 tsp butter

1-cup nuts ( optional)

2 tsp vanilla

Mix first four ingredients; add oats and bisquick ( or gluten free pancake/waffle mix) Melt chocolate, evaporated milk, butter (2 tsp), nuts and vanilla and mix into chocolate mixture. Put 2/3rds oat mixture on to the greased pan. Press to cover bottom of pan. Pour on chocolate mixture; don’t let it touch the edge of the pan. Drop remaining oat mixture on to the top by teaspoons as though making drop cookies. Bake for forty minutes at 350˚. 9x13’’ pan. Cut while still warm. Wait until it cools to remove from pan.