Thursday, December 29, 2011

Make Something New Everyday! #29 pillow

Today I mastered my Imagine serger ( YIPEE!) and made this pillow. I love pillows shaped like this! They fit me just right! And I also really like seeing all the fabrics together, it's for the spare room ensemble but it looks and feels good on the couch too.

This pillow is highly overstuffed and there is nothing better than that is there?
 I think because I've got myself all done with my making and I'm ready for big changes on the Mat tomorrow... oh did you know we will be off line for part of the day? Don't fret I'll send you a note letting you know when we are all set to sign in again....

I think this seems like a good night for a walk to the movie store... I wonder what we'll watch? Well truthfully I might not "watch" much because I'll be spinning but I'll be listening!
 On  note about watching my serger came with a video which I watched while I sewed and now I'm convinced this machine will do everything, including walking the dog and making dinner! 
I can't wait to have it entirely under my control.

I just had a  thought pillow is a really stupid word... where did it come from?
I believe I might be on my way to assuming the shape of a pillow that has the hair of Paula Deen..... how are you doing? Press the speaker icon and hear how dumb it sounds, do it about 4 times...

pil·low  (pl)
1. A cloth case, stuffed with something soft, such as down, feathers, or foam rubber, used to cushion the head, especially during sleep.
2. A decorative cushion.
3. The pad on which bobbin lace is made.
v. pil·lowedpil·low·ingpil·lows
1. To rest (one's head) on or as if on a pillow.
2. To serve as a pillow for: Grass pillowed my head.
1. To rest on or as if on a pillow.
2. To assume the shape of a pillow.

[Middle English, from Old English pyle, from West Germanic *pulw, from Latin pulvnus.]

pillow·y adj.

Now that explains it!


  1. Oh now that's one pretty pillow. and the woven throw too. The mouse is a nice touch.

  2. Alicia, Thank you, that throw is just a length of fabric from Fabricland bought years ago, isn't it pretty?
    My little dry felted mouse from last December's daily making ritual keeps getting mauled by Bootsie. What a molester!, he regularly gives the throw a go too.
    You can bring some boys into the house but the "wild" never goes out of them. It is like a old west saloon in here sometimes.