Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surprising opportunity for you?

Marjorie Duizer's Peace on Earth

Are you free for a week during June, the 16 to the 20th to be precise?
There is a wonderful opportunity to come to a great rug school.
The food is good, the atmosphere friendly and dynamic and the air cool.
Positioned in sight of Lake Michigan it is a way to welcome summer that can't be beat.
Steal some time for yourself before the hordes descend!
Sound interesting?
The Manistee Rug School has a few openings available with some terrific teachers ( that's the surprising part)
My fellow Canadian, Marjorie Duizer has a wonderful body of knowledge that she shares openly and joyfully with her students. She has every teaching accreditation available! You'll be in excellent hands no matter your subject.

Christine Hornby is a new comer to the teaching circuit, her body of works to date are beautiful and expressive, I'd jump at this chance if I were you. She looks at things in new ways that are both charming and exciting.

And my friend Susan Feller, smart, funny, with a refreshingly new look at our rug hooking art will have you reaching your hooking goals in no time! I don't know why you are missing this chance!

You can go here to see their write ups and find more out about them and their hooking art work and registration form.

How can you resist?
Don't be crazy, come.
I'm going and if I can go so can you.
I'll see you there!