Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Encouraging Letter to My Students

Birdee's Reaction to Day 3- a coma

Dear Students,
Thank you for coming here to class. You both blessed me and encouraged me and enriched me with your presence.
Here are the things I think we should remember from our time together and I'd cherish any additions you can make to this list, please send them to us all.

1 There are no experts except the ones you make.

2 You know better what to do than any one else, trust yourself.

3 You should have more fun while you dye and hook, life isn't a dress rehearsal.

4 You might not be here and think you can't do it but I'm telling you, you were doing it and you can do it and I'm in charge of knowing that. Just do it!

5 Don't put off doing what you want to. Seize the day.

6 Strong works require strong ideas, great work requires flexibility.

7 You can use what you have with value blending to make amazing things, results are frequently better than using store bought wool.

8 Plans are good, adventures are better.

9 Be magical with colour, just be sure the assistant you choose to do this fits in with the crowd... Las Vegas show girl will not fit in at the Quaker meetinghouse.

10 Put a little bit of extra work in the beginning... plan out where you think you want to go. It will save you time in the long run.

You are a loving blessing.
Do not outline, those days are done, paint strokes with your hook, let your inner goddess of the brunch blossom, imagine what you can do and then do it! I know you can. Each thing you did on your rug showed growth as the days passed, the water was a revelation....The cats bless you every day, they seem to have built a shrine with the snibbles you left behind, do you feel like a deity? I cannot wait to see what you will create next. You held me to the task and I'm grateful to know you.

Girl, you are one hard worker and that's just what portraitist needs to be. I saw such amazing development as the week progressed. You were editing, you were making needed changes artistically, I know with out a doubt you got what it takes to do any damn thing you please. Look away from the portrait. Get a reducing glass, it will help you get an overall view. Keep at it, you are near a break through with this concept. I love your tenacity and your humour... your dislike of hot food I'm overlooking for now LOL! Build in relaxation or you are gonna blow, been there, done that. Be smarter than me.

You are a loving person and I relished your hugs! I admire your enjoyment of the obscure and enlightening.
You did a great job with your sunset and with your farm field scene. Don't get hung up on executing the perfect concept, let artistry happen!
Your search for style is officially over. All you need to do is dream up and execute your ideas. You'll need to take lots of catnaps because you will be so busy !!!
Let your two sides shine, they both have things to say. Accept your unique self and expand in all ways possible. I'm so glad to have been with you and I'm thankful for the opportunity to know you better. Beware the gold...

I'd like to use you for a poster child when I explain it is best to have few or no plans when you come to class here. You were open, relaxed, had a few things you wanted to accomplish in mind and set out to do them. I'm proud of your abilities. I can see if you wished it you could become a leading light in the hooking world. You did me a world of good, your humour, appreciation of my pets and not pets and looking at my rugs with a fresh eye was inspiring. You did a fantastic job with your projects, keep on, you have an amazing potential. I'll be saying, oh I knew her way back in '10. Trust your mensa mind and your gut!

Bless you,
PS I'm taking out the names and I'm gonna post this on my blog, so others might be encouraged by our week too.

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  1. Wanda, I for one, very much appreciated this post of yours. Esp. meaningful was the list of 10 things to remember. Will be reviewing them
    as needed! Thanks! JAK