Friday, January 25, 2013

Circle of Life

Finally after many weeks of being quite distracted by duties I've been able to get down to and into my Circle of Life rug.
Only 20 days behind I look forward to having this rug lean well into February, what a nice thing to  anticipate. 
 One of the best parts about making a journal rug is the fresh new start each day, one of the worst things, the fresh new day when you are not caught up to the days past.

Below, a dust bunny, a dried poppy head, clock, blotch and doily.
Doesn't The Blotch and Doily sound like a great Pub name?
These are the circles in my life.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dyeing Colour Lab (Online Class)

Have you always wanted to be a better dyer? Have more control of your outcome or even just make corrections with ease? Do you find you continually dye the same thing over and over?
Are you fairly competent with the concept and practise of dyeing?
Then this is the class is for you. 

There are 6 lessons and 6 months to complete your lessons 
Lessons will be  posted every third week of the month, January to June 2013.
There is intensive and deep interplay with your instructor Wanda Kerr, Rug Hooking Magazine's dye columnist for the past 10 years.
All questions pertaining to class are answered in a timely fashion for no extra charge.

All or any dyes brands can be used.
You will need wool to dye and the usual dyeing equipment.

Cost $180 (or $150 if you are a member of The Welcome Mat )

Note: I'm giving this class in two places at once, my online studio for teaching dyeing Wanderful Dyeing Studio and The Mat.

For non Mat members the cost is the same for a subscription and participation in class plus you get the added benefit of having the option to complete your lessons in 12 months on The Mat not to mention all the other added great dyeing and hooking info.
Go here to sign up to the Mat - look on The Main Page for info on joining The Dyeing Colour Lab.

If you are not interested in this - pay to join the Online Dyeing Studio below

Put yourself in the hands of a colour goddess, and find your own divination.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Wha happon?

For many days I could not sit down.
This means no hooking, computing or other obvious pursuits. My lap dancing career "sob" was over.

Now on the mend I'm back to the land of the sitting.
My poor old Circle of Life rug is on paper and nothing more, though I tried, I do not like to hook standing up. I have to twist my shoulder down a little too much for comfort.
Hooking Should NOT HURT!!!!

Man created a rather maestro-ish apparatus for me to stand up at and type. This meant The Mat did not suffer from a lack of news or views.

We had a plethora of colours to dye from this Gauguin painting, Village in The Snow.

This week we will look at what to do with this interesting fabric and dyes!

We studied hard edges in New Skills and tonight on Turn Back Tuesday, when I share stuff I've written for live classes I've given, I posted an 8 page primer on primitives.

In Colours to Dye for Amplified this weekend we are publishing the Lasagna method of dyeing many layers for large areas quickly and without mess.

Oh and from the Main Page this very good reminder

Like right now!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Make Something Everyday 31

A little late to the party isn't it?
Consumed by The Welcome Mat annual January Journal project I was lax in keeping up.
Here is the Front Page blurb about it.

A January Journal Project 2013
"The Circle of Life"
Every day circles come into our life in the mail, through snow or rain my goodness just take a look tomorrow - how many circles you will see.
During this journal we will recording their daily arrival and circumstances in a simple way.
Using the circle to explore this calendar month we can expand and reveal as much or as little as we wish. We can write our own "life's circle"
The skills needed: ability to circle and hook.
 There is so much to discover in our circle of life, go here for some interesting inspirations I've gathered.
CLICK HERE TO JOIN US or accept my invitation you have in your email.

There are many of us doing fantastic circling this month and we would love to have you join us. There is much to observe about artistic process even if you don't take part, we love watchers too!
This enriching experience is worth the $30 yearly subscription with out taking into consideration all the other things available and freshly produced specifically for Mat members.
The inspiration board is very diverse, you might enjoy it.

Here is my first circle of hell: