Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dyeing Roving

My good friend Marion came yesterday to get her some Majic.

She brought some too.
Look at this "elephant head" of roving she bought!
And my flowers!

I have a special way of dyeing roving, there is little impact to the roving, you don't need a mile long set up and you can get a great, beautiful bunch of self striping spinning happening.
And Marion took to it like a pro.

You can lay them out two ways for different effects.

 Here Marion has applied her Magic Carpet Dyes in pastellish form below, most colours were straight from the jar.

Here's our other pan below with the wool running the other way.

 And we added some echo pieces on the top and along the sides just to show what can be done.
You get a shorter roving with the same colours in short sections from the on top pieces, and the beside pieces give you longer sections of the same colours because they're put in wavy wiggles.

You just pop them into the oven then at 350˚F for 35 minutes or until the water is clear.

Here they are in the sink cooling down after the oven.
 Happy Spinning for the Spinzilla Marathon Marion!

Try dyeing this way for your next roving session.
Does the Majic interest you?


  1. Very good topic and well presented. I have some raw wool from Peru that I just might get the courage to take on a Magic Carpet Ride. Thanks for sharing

  2. I've tried to dye roving and am always worried about felting it, so now I can try it this way! How many lbs. of roving was that???

  3. Wendie, be sure to show us your results.
    Laura - the elephant head weighed 4.4 lbs.

  4. wanda, i would LOVE to see how the roving spun up!

  5. What brand or kind of dye are using?

    1. Hi Mary,
      We were using my dyes , Majic Carpet Dyes, just click the red word Majic in the text of the blog to go to my store.
      You'll love them.