Friday, February 6, 2015

Hey You!

How are you doing?
I've been quite busy here, our online class about Snow and Ice Dyeing is going well, we are at the "what more can be done stage" That's always such an expansive part of online classes!
You can join this class or any one, anytime over at WandaWay Studio, we stress low cost interactive online teaching of terrific quality.

I'm on Day 25 or my January Journal.

Our wonderful new grandson arrived last week too.

I bet you are looking for some new recipes for Majic Carpet Dyes. Here are a few lovelies, for the rest of the article, join The Welcome Mat, there are dozens of unseen made for The Mat only recipes for our dyes and more built every week. What are you waiting for?

Here are some lovely formulas inspired by Home Decor:

All samples have been dyed over 1/8 yd. wool, Dorr natural in the dye bath method. Directions below.
I used Majic Carpet dyes. 
Wet wool with wetting agent.
Dissolve dye in boiling water.
Place both in a dye bath in pot on stove.
Wait until almost all the dye is absorbed, add 1/32 tsp. Citric Acid
Wait 5 minutes 
Do not stir
Wait until all colour is gone from dye bath, rinse, dry.
Hook happily
Dirty Unsexed Baby Yellow
 1, 1/2 inch of damp toothpick Yellow
1/2 inch of  damp toothpick Seal Brown.

 Melted Creamsicle
1/32 tsp Orange
1/256th tsp.Chocolate Brown 
1/256th tsp Seal Brown

Brown Back
3/32 tsp. Chocolate Brown
1/32 tsp. Seal Brown
1/64 tsp. Blue Violet