Friday, June 20, 2008

A Class In July

Looking for a simple and temperature friendly rug project this summer ?
Come out to WandaWorks and find out how to make a simple but gorgeous geometric pattern.
You can create a pillow top or a table runner or a bath mat.
We will be using nylons but you are free to use the material of your choice.

This class will be held July 10th from 11:30 to 4.
The cost is $30 plus materials needed.
Bring your lunch, backing of your choice, linen is available here, There will be
delicious snacks and drinks will be provided during the day.
Here is a sample of what your project may look like :

If you are interested in having a great fun filled days with plenty of laughs let me know asap, space is limited.
Spread the word.

NOTE, I will be in Michigan until June 30th but will accept students on a first send, first serve basis as soon as I read my email.
I'm looking forward to seeing you this summer.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Put a lid on it! - Adaptations

It's dying day. At this time of year, that can only mean that the weather is cool. Unfortunately, it's a day to do wanderings, and I am down to just two burners--one of them being a small. With two bolts to dye and deadlines looming I have to use some ingenuity for a change.

My big stewpots have lids which I seldom use (usually because I want to re-hydrate my wood heated house--but in June, of course, that isn't really a consideration!) So I hauled out my dusty lids and shortened my wandering dye time by half using them on the pots! An added bonus was the lack of water running down the walls since it is already raining outside!

I am thrilled with this discovery! Though I love the effect of wandered wool, the wait times tend to make me nuts! (And that's not a far trip to go!)

This way, the smaller amount of steam sent up by the frying pan isn't as oppressive.

How'd you do that ?

This question came to me via the welcome mat and I thought that you guys might be interested in reading it. I always appreciate questions and welcome them any time.

Wanda said on her blog:
For a brief period when I started to dye I kept recipes and used recipes or formulas if you'd rather, when I dyed.....I no longer do this with the exception of my articles in RHM, where I am meticulous.

Jo's Question:
Wanda, how are you able to supply buyers with your great wools, if you don't dye by recipes for replication? What am I missing here? Really Really Curious!

My answer:
Well, when I'm selling wool and need to replicate, I depend on three things. First, MY EYES, combined with the knowledge of my dyes and what they do. Second, BLENDING: combining many variations on the same value to be used as one colour. And third, I depend on customers BUYING enough the first time ! (My daily prayer.)

That was a great question!