Sunday, June 16, 2013

This Just in From Onekama

I thought these are perhaps the wisest words a rug hooker can read.
I shot them out to all Mat members along with our weekly lesson in New Skills Monday, Borders and Backgrounds is our topic this week.
I'd like to add, the better informed your decisions are the longer they last.
Be a hooker of strong mind and wide views.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Inspired by Rock

This is a stone sculpture, solid rock, when we look at it, it is difficult to believe it isn't soft and yielding flesh. My material of choice, wool, seems much more malleable by comparison. This only inspires me to do more and explore more with it.

If what we see, and really look at, we can do,  then I only wish to be a better looker.
What an exquisite piece of ass.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Circle of Life Rug/ Manistee Rug School/Trouble shooting in Rug hooking

This is a journal rug, an annual challenge for subscribers on The Welcome Mat. We searched each day in our lives for a circle to appear to us during January The background is from my latest Rug Hooking Magazine column, Lasagna Dyeing. I'll be posting videos here tomorrow for you to try this method, it is a good method for all types of hooking.

All that remains is the finishing of this rug now! It is so unusual that I think it requires a new kind of border.
I'm thinking of an edge of wool circles cut from the remains that are decorated by felting with the leftover strips. There might be some crocheting involved also. 

It is busy days here, I'm getting ready for The Manistee Rug School in Onekema MI.
I'm really looking forward to seeing old friends and making new.
Perhaps one of them will be you!

Happy hooking!
Ps Today on The Welcome Mat I gave a little lesson on trouble shooting , it isn't always the colour you need to fix, sometimes it is the shape!
Standing stones on the right lay down when shaped properly.

Join us there, for only $30 a year you can be in a great rug class all year long, any day you want to!