Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tickling My Fancy

This rug - what a great idea and a new twist on our old ideas!
Colourfully spring fresh, an ogee and using up scraps, a powerful triumvirate! From the Contemporary Rug Designs at Rugs USA
I see this working in my near future, nothing is better than having a rug like this to hook when you are working out a problem on another. Do I need to start another rug?
Do I need to have some simple joy and pleasure, YES YES YES!!


  1. I've tried to draw an ogee pattern before but couldn't get it right no matter what I did. Do you have any suggestions? I also tried making a Lino stamp to make a pattern, but it also didn't work when I stamped a couple of rows. What is so complicated about it? Or is it just me??

  2. Laura, There is a trick to it, I'll make it a Welcome Mat Lesson!