Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Making A Thing a Day

I was thinking of you today and hoping you're getting done what's needed and keeping yourself calm and content.  I can't get my act together but I hope a miracle will enter the scene and I'll leap into the action phase soon.

I found this wonderfully soft fabric and decided to make a play blanket for Aimee, she can cuddle in it , lay it out for her animals or use it for a tent or a sail on an imaginary boat.
I simply mitred the corners and zig zagged the raw edge down.
It's big enough for later on too.

Tuesday - Will the real Pashmina please stand up?
I love dots and circles of all kinds.
I found this poorly coloured scarf (for my complexion) at the Clothes Mentor in Asheville in the summer, I had great plans to dye it and today was the day.
Here's a before shot.
I made up a formula of strong equals parts Pro Chem Chinese Red and Hot Pink
I want to quash the tanny peach with a hot punch of liveliness!

20 minutes later I checked to see how it was going.
It should only take a few minutes for loosely woven, thin stranded wool to take up dye.
hmmm, label said 100% pashmina.
Dye pot says NO.
I pulled out the wrap and cracked open a package of tintex. 
Yup just as I thought, it was very soft cotton.
Here is the end result.

Not as bright as I first envisioned but it is still ok.
Now what to do with that pot of red power....

I fixed me some roving, still drying over the heating vent.
That whole process took the starch out of my drawers.
A label that lied.
tsk tsk

Today I dyed over a gossamer of Miss Havershams.
It has holes intentional and otherwise and is delightfully webby.
A spider web scarf from Great Britain I brought home from Value Village, $1.99 
It was a sad peach, mint green and white stripes.
I emboldened it with blue and turquoise.
I'm looking forward to when I want it to be black sometime in the future meanwhile I'm wearing it as I write, so delightful!

Because this is what it looks like outside here right now.

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