Monday, December 9, 2013

Make My Thing Sparkly

Do you remember a few days ago when I spun that weird grey ball of yarn?
Such a strange colour to be spinning during this a cheery time of year!

This is a long story so you might want to get comfortable, unbutton your pants maybe, I understand we all can't have perfectly fitting franken pants.

So a while ago I got some great sparkly wool from Dorr, they had it made just for them,  I got silver #8313 and gold #8413 and you can go here to get some, go right now and look for yourself.  I loves it.

When it arrived I happened to see these books and thought them be the colours "o" my Christmas.

So I grabbed my dyes and dyed up the inspired  red, gold, the blue and violet you see above.
 I dyed the warm colours over the gold sparkle and the cool colours over the silver. 
I want to dye the green and teal and brown this week  too, I just love these colours!!!!!

Later this week I'll be sharing with you the recipes and the the pattern and instructions, a little tutorial on making this fella as a special gift to you my lovely readers.

 This is what I used that wool in and I finished making it today.
I can't tell if he is an over fed baby in a snow suit, a little space man or an elf.
But he is mine, all mine.

This week at hook -in we are all gonna be making him/her up for our little wind up party for the year. It is my little present/curse.
Don't you wish you were coming?
Well you can if you like.
See the grey yarn in his extremities?
He is actually the colour of the book Pope's Poems.
AND HE SPARKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPARKLES I SAY
You must get yourself some of that glitter glammer.
That's enough jibber jabber for tonight.

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