Sunday, December 15, 2013

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Making

Friday was the day for spinning and yawning, I was tired and it was all I could do to make this batt and spin this single before I feel alseep. 
Do you think a spell might have been cast?
If my spinning wheel had a spindle, luckily it does not, 
 I might have only been awakened by a Prince.
They are in short supply around here.
I'm still a little suspicious.

Reds and lots of the red support actors, greens and browns and violets

 Saturday was a day filled with too many things but I did finish something right off, I had it in a bit of stasis and took the final completing stitches. This is filled with steel wool and sheep's wool. The steel wool is supposed to keep things in my pin cushion sharp, if only I could put my mind in there.

Today it was another enjoyably busy day. I find I can't simmer down to create if I'm going every which way geographically. All I could make you was this heart of hand dyed mohair. 
Tomorrow I have firmer plans.

PS I did finish my sweet pink gloves and sent them on their way during the week end too.
Too befuddled to photo them. 


  1. Wanda, you are the old adage of "A busy girl is a happy girl!". Love all the items you are creating.

  2. Thank you twoives, I'm glad your reading my adventures!