Thursday, December 5, 2013

Make Something Yesterday and All Day Today - Hook in Show

Finished Off My Reversible Bag 
Pattern right here from the delightful VeryPurplePerson
Taught my young sewists this bag, they did a great job.
Somebody get that judy some bottoms.

Clever young women!!!

Wound my hand dyed balls (I know you wish you had some) for punching to replicate the piece in front for my punchers

Pam's snowman campfire, so cute!

Karen's joy in her Spirit Owl

Erin's jubilation with her spirit owl

Pam rejoicing with her spirit moose

Dianne's Spirit Owl causes great happiness

Linda is making her nutcracker and cracking us up!

Helen's Name Mandela - we got the love there. Helen and I are getting married ....
Amy is the name in the Mandela, look for red letters. It's an exuberant piece.

Barb - euphoric, hooking makes her happy. 

Shirley proud and pleased with her great rug, bravo!

And with Maude Lewis, Sandy escaped before we caught her amazing geometric.

And we missed Dianne's punching.

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  1. Wow I can feel the joy coming right through my Samsung Galaxy!