Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thinking About What's Important

I was talking to a good friend today,( hooked some samples while I did it ! ) the kind of person you can say anything to. We have lots in common but foremost I think we always want to ask the question why. As we skipped around various topics I began to see a theme. Live and let live, well at least let them live for a few more months.

I was irritated because I have sets of samples to reinforce my talks on colour and they are separate from my wool for sale, they are pinned together and without a price tag. But somehow someone unpinned them, removed several and either took them or placed them else where.

This is a very small thing on the scale of things in this world. I know. In my defense, it takes a long time to gather these samples together, to make sure they are accurate and elucidate my points and as I'm getting ready to teach a course I frankly want my stuff where I put it in the condition I left it in. I'm probably not alone there.

In my studio I want people to feel welcome and free to move around, to look at things, do as they wish. I like to leave my samples out in case they spark discussion or people want a closer look even if it hasn't been part of the class.

Do I need to put these things away ? Should I change my open behavior and have a less than desired atmosphere ? At least it would be less than desired in my mind.

Uptight ?
I don't think so. I was caused quite a bit of extra work today when time is short. Instead of focusing and being high powered I felt grouchy and thwarted !

Which brings me to what's important, I have to accept when people come into your life and space all manner of things will transpire. You need to be ready to look after yourself, your peeps and your stuff in that order.
Most of what will happen will be good and even the stuff that makes you crazy still makes you a better person if you can learn from it. I don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water. I'm going to leave my samples out. I've had them over ten years and it was good to pick new examples. But I'd rather make that choice than have it made for me.

Off to make some more Iridescence from all sides of the colour pie while I watch True Blood!
Iridescence is best achieved via different coloured wool strips than a dyed piece of colourfull wool. If you want to try doing a bit of "oil slick " effect just look for all colours of the colour wheel of the same value, you will be amazed how well this works and how quickly you use up scraps. You can also skew your oil slick by creating a warm or cool one, a bright or dull one.
Are we using what we have to the best advantage ? Now that's what's really important !

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