Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh ! This is the night I hate

Yes I'm full of disgust. The end of the week at hooking school, what a pooper. You have a great time all week and all it is from here on in is sad partings, ( maybe glad for some, said with tongue in cheek ) heavy lifting and aching hips and knees and that is just the guy helping me ! Imagine how the rest of us feel.

Want to increase your colour power ?
Go to the paint store and get about 100 paint chips, tell them you've got a homework assignment.
Take 3 baggies. In them collect


When you get home open the love bag, write on the backs of all those paint chips # 1 Are you a daughter of darkness or a sister of the light or a dreaded fence sitter ?
Label the other two bags contents numbering them with hate = #2 and useful and useless=#3 .
Now throw the Bag # 1 colours out on a table, are these colours that are in your rugs ?
I hope so, if not why ?
Push these to one side and dump out Bag 2.
Are these colours in your rugs ? Sprinkle a few of them among your beloved colours
What happened to the ones you love, did they become all the more beautiful ....
Push these uglies from Bag 2 to the other side of the table and open up the Bag 3 .... what do you think of these ? Sprinkle a few of The Usefuls you might think look good into your beloved pile. What happened ? Did it enhance or detract ?
Sprinkle some usefuls and not usefuls into the uglies, did it help them ?
Take some pictures to see what you think in the abstract...

Other questions to ponder about your bags, do they include colours that are full range in value ? Grab a handful to sort from light to dark, the toss them up and try sorting from bright to dull, then sort according to colour families then try warm to cool.
While we look at these notice which colours at full intensity are very light, which are dark ?.... can you imagine what an interesting thing shading would be if we went around the colour wheel to go along the grey scale from light to dark using this chart ? Maybe you would like to print the colour one twice so you could arrange the colour values into a value scale ? ( Some colours are the same value at full saturation or brightness)
Play some more with your favourites, make up some colour plans, try laying them out on different coloured paper or wool backgrounds, warm, bright dark colours , cool light, dull ones , what happens to your plan ?

Have fun learning more about yourself and how you view colour.
Analyze this: how many colours do you see , how many values are there areas of warm and cool ?

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