Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The More You Do the More You Can

I've noted this week the more I do the energetic I get about doing other things.
Although I'm busy teaching this week I'm still able to keep up my 5 day a week commitment to The Welcome Mat, my social network and to my promise to blog every day. And the ideas of what are blog worthy are pouring , questions of the day are appearing as though by magic, thank goodness.

The ideas are hopping and so is my mind as I'm stimulated by my wonderful students and their questions and creativity.

Tonight we had dinner at a lovely nest in Belleville. We were discussing how valuable it is to be an advocate for yourself and how we wished we had all been taught this as children. To be able to say, I am a auditory learner and I must hear what you need me to do, or I need to see it done or I need to be doing something while you talk. Wouldn't it make life much easier ?

The ability to know yourself and I mean really know yourself, your motivations, your requirements for happiness, your love languages , your weaknesses, the the inkling of you working towards positivity, your negative tendencies...... what a glorious thing.

Think about the qualities I listed above, could we not apply them to rug hooking ?
To know ourselves more fully creates a strong advocate, the best ally we can have because they are always with us...

"No man will work for your interests unless they are his." (American psychologist David Seabury, 1885-1960

If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

Be sure to look skyward, hot weather creates beautiful cloud masses.
Here are Cumulous Towers , the kind of clouds we saw to the east of Belleville today, maybe it is all the hot air I'm spouting LOL!

Photo courtesy of USATODAY

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