Monday, March 5, 2018

Wanda And Her Color Lab

Hi I’m Wanda Kerr, the creator and hostess of the Welcome Mat, RHM’s dyeing guru and the author of The Colour Lab. I’m excited to hear you’re enjoying my book.
You’re reading it now and by all accounts, understanding the concepts, that’s sweet music to my ears.
I want to help you learn all you can about colour in the easiest possible way.
I use my methods everyday in my own hooking work and when teaching others about colour.  Over time I’ve made lots of colour mistakes and was determined to conquer them, that’s how I learned about colour, the hard way. I’ve listened to my students and their struggles with colour and tried to explain things as clearly as I could and these two experiences are the foundation for my book and my teaching. When I switched the way I was thinking about colour I went from hooking cartoons to hooking realistically, practically overnight.
Let’s be honest, all of us run into colour trouble while hooking. After you can pull a loop correctly the only thing left to master is colour. Every thing we create raises a bunch of decisions and problem solving with colours. 
The knowledge of colour, what it is and how it works is the key to unlock your hooking desires and dreams. My book, The Colour Lab is a great start on your road to better hooking. You are gathering up what I call “head knowledge” as you read it. I’m all for that! 
I’m also all for you learning as deeply as you can. To learn things in a way that makes a difference, I call this heart learning, we all need to take action. To support your heart learning I’m holding an online, lifetime class for readers of my book or anyone else who wants to know more about how to use colour. The principles in my book work for all colourists no matter the medium. The Color Lab will be our class text book. 

This is your chance to work with me through each chapter. You will have questions about the contents of this book. I’ll answer your questions about the chapters as you work through them.  I couldn’t possibly put in everything you needed to know between two covers.  I just barely started a conversation with you in the Color Lab.
My class will help us continue our beautiful dialogue. Everyone will go faster and further in a community.
In my online class I’ll build on the ideas in the book chapter by chapter. I’ll help you overcome gaps in your colour know how. I’ll meet you where you are right now in your colour journey, I’ve been there and know the way home. I’ll support your lab work as you complete it. I’ll deepen your colour understanding at your own pace. I’ll be your colour bitch. For life.  For $200 USD. 
Just imagine a time a year from now when you are part of the colour lab alumni and you run into a problem with your rug and instead of trying out 20 different colours you pick the perfect one right off the shelf? Imagine the power. Imagine the savings!
Well, What are you waiting for? You can take as long as you like to do the class work.
Join us, I’m here to help you grow!
The deadline for sign up is March 31, 2018. 

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