Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Online Classes with Wanda; how they work

If you are interested in how my online classes work it would be great to read this letter!
Many of you are desiring deeper understanding of your craft.
I'm here to help you do this.
One of the ways I encourage this is through online classes inside my Welcome Mat now free.
I have two going this fall and I've had a number of questions about how they work so I'd like to explain further.

Spark is a year long collective, more than a class Spark is meant to gently push you over the edge to new territory in your hooking.

 Each week I'll present one of the following thrusts for you to think about, act upon, watch or ignore as you wish: Process, Colour, Teaching, Inspiration. I'll also be providing around 5 inspiring thoughts, suggestions, links and eye candy during each week to expand our horizons.
There is nothing you need to hand in or do in this class, it is meant to spark your understanding, depth of meaning and execution of your ideas through any medium. This is a class like no other offered. It is about you, your artistry. I'll be there to help you, make suggestions and inform you about the hooking work you choose to do in class to help you grow as you wish.
As with everything though, what you put in grows 10 fold into what you take from any group dynamic.
We have already started hooking on a pattern called Intersection, participation, size and cut are determined by you, great stretching is taking place as we explore our stashes and colour planning and intersections. Pattern is provided.

Wanda Kerr
Jean Schoderus

I'm only accepting students until October 15. We would be happy to have you join us. Go here to read more about it and press the paypal button if you are a Canadian.
If you are an American or other nationality just go here to join up and pay.
Only $150 for a whole year of creative thriving or 41¢ a day. You are not too late rather, just in time! We want you to join us.

The Exploratorium
This class is one month long.
It has a kit, including 2 sets of transitionally dye wool, some yarny splendid goodness, hand dyed nylons, and two textures +. Each kit is unique. Shipping is included in the price of the class.
Class will start Monday, October 24. I'll send you a notification of where to go to see it  the night before.
There are 4 lessons in this class and they will be set up in the first week so you might work at your own speed, fast, slow or somewhere between. When you complete a lesson or you need a boost or question answered you send in homework and I respond to your questions on the lessons, questions as you work, your homework and any other dang thing.
In this class we will look at how colour can transition to make your rug hooking more artful. There are many ways to work this pattern and we will explore them all. Colour choices cannot be made for your kit by you but all are gorgeous and I'll use my finely honed instinct when shipping, I promise.
                                                                      Each roll is part of one kit  
I only have room for 5 students. Will you be one of them? I hope so. Cost is $380 in the denomination of your residency country. This includes class, pattern you trace, bountiful kit and shipping. 
Here are some of the results of this class.
Jamestown Class
Asheville Class

If you have already contacted me about joining this class I'll be sending you your invoice today to be paid asap and shipping your kit on Monday. 

If you want to be in my group of students in this elite class, please write pronto as I'm taking students on a first come first serve, first paid basis. You will be sent a paypal invoice.

I hope that has answered some of your questions about my classes and how they work and you are inspired to join us!
Thank you, Wanda

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