Sunday, March 24, 2013

What Sandy Made - Doll House Rugs

  I have many delightful ladies come to hooking, today I'm going to introduce you to Sandy, this week she had a couple of treasures to show us all.
First of all - Doll house rugs. She tells me it is a tradition to have a doll house in her family and it gets passed down and around I believe and at each stop it gets refurbished. She is getting it back and look what she made for the rooms.

Finished with clear silicone and cotton on the back, I love the big pink one, it looks straight out of the "chenille rugs for your home" catalogue, circa 1950s

She also just finished this beautiful North Woods Waterways rug.

 I made a coil of piped wool for her to try finishing in a new way, she brought a lovely brown tweed with warm and cool coloured flecks for it.
We took an opportunity to show everyone how to finish this way. I learned how back at the Riverside Rug School Freda Macdonnell ran, back in 1999 or '98 Yvonne Wood taught me how. She used to say how she didn't care for cornering with the whipping method and as she usually did rug finishing in the car while her husband drove, this piped rug binding made for more peaceful cruises down the highway, no shouting at unresponsive corners.
I love it and I've used it ever since. I'll occasionally
 whip just to remember how but always on something small.

Surprise, Surprise!
It is still possible to ski.
I'm going out for the last time though this morning, the sun is mighty hot and the pussy willows are starting to show in their hip high snow banks.

White on White, makes an interesting idea for a rug, hmmmmm.
Happy Hooking All!


  1. Hi Wanda,
    Those little doll house rugs are wonderful! The doll house must be wonderful too!
    Your friends North Woods Waterways rug is fantastic! How it would grace a log home!!
    Take care skiing and thank-you for that visual of white on white!! I'll be thinking about that all day!!
    Cathy G

  2. Cathy, I've missed you!
    I follow your writing though and I loved seeing your new hookers! Hooray!