Saturday, February 4, 2012

Couch Side Chat

 I'm away from my desk and sitting at the couch, that's like a day off right?

 This week  February came and with it an exciting new art project. In honour of my 50th February I'm going to make 50 hearts this month.  Here are my first 4, I plan to make 4 more today.
Heart Felt

Thin as Paper Heart

Wooden Lace

Pure Heart

I'm also collecting doilies to make this beautiful runner, I'm almost there, picture next week. Isn't it pretty?

My friend Jen won the Wool of Fortune last week and I spun this wool for her chosen prize, finger less mitts.

It was spun from this collection of wool I dyed on Monday! I had the Springmount Spinsters here for the whole afternoon, what fun and what pleasur,e they dyed like geniuses! It is a blessing for me to have such terrific people to share my hobby with.

The Home Front

Here is what breakfast looks like and the girls don't take kindly to interruptions, don't worry that's not Bootsie on the plate, he is not allow to ascend to the counter. He is down on the floor.
Yup that's the kinda house we have, cats on the counter, this one anyway, not the others. I mostly use that one for dyeing and feeding livestock.

It has been a busy week here.
I did get a chance to read a bit.
Here is the list:
Blackberry Wine -Joanne Harris
Once Upon A time There was You- Elizabeth Berg
Until The Real Thing Comes Along- Elizabeth Berg
Junky Styling- Annika Sanders
1000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts and Tips - Deepika Prakash
I could hot link these for you but it is good for you to google, good for your health and mind.
Who knows what flights of fancy you might embark on from the search?

The Studio
My studio looks like a bomb went off.
We had such a great hook-in this week. Frequently a theme emerges and this past Thursday it was how to make buildings look 3D.
Lots of times we get very hung up on tiny details that are not as important as structural matters.
If you are hooking a brick house from some distance do you need to worry about the bricks showing up or the pointing?
No you don't! Another thing we all noticed was we sometimes don't pay close enough attention to details that create  depth and structure, we will also substitute light areas we see for dark or vice versa and destroy our depth of field. We are so fascinating and I'm sorry to say very predictable in our tendencies!
I was unable to take photos, too busy with a full house.
Another thing we learned, if you want a simple pattern to use up scraps don't let it contain more then a couple of subjects like a tree and one house.

The Mat
This beautiful Emily Carr painting will be the subject of the dye Matter s column this coming week, it is a great one to make a concerted study of. How is attention drawn to the central figure, look how the amazing curves and triangles and straight lines create a symphony!

Our annual online free class has started on The Mat, the subject is stained glass, today I explain 4 ways to get your wool ready, two ways to dye it with a possible third and also how to gather up what you need to hook it from scraps and stripes or textures or the specially dyed wool.

Our weekend challenge on the Mat, try in a small way to loosen up even a tiny long held belief. Freeing your mind will free your hands to work more creatively.

New Skills Monday- Is what you think about what you see more important than what is there?
How to hook realistically.

Portrait Study Class- Not on the Mat but Close
There was a hue and cry for me to open up my face class. If you are already a member in good standing in The WandaWorks studio you can start, finish or continue where you left off, no additional fee. If you want to join in as a new student.... cost $100. This is a graduated class, you have to complete one part to my satisfaction before you can move to the next part.

 If you did your work and want further study I'll open up a 4th section for you to work on your own projects with my assistance for $50. This will be open until July 15th.
Interested? Write me

My tip for the week?

Man's tip? You gotta be flexible

Take that any way you want.

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