Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Journal Project on The Mat

Here is day one and two of the Journal project, bird on the grass, and snow filled windy skies.
If you are interested here is the scoop, may a not be a snow scoop! ( a very little winter humour)

I've made many a daily journal rug but never at this time of year. Would you like to join me?

I'm starting a new group on the Mat and inviting you to take part. We will start Jan.1, 2011

Here are the parameters for our challenge: The January Journal. We will try to hook some event or idea or even shape to represent that day. Let this be what you wish, organized, random, geometric, abstract, what ever way you want to represent your day!

If you are challenged right now to hook this you can work wool in any way you desire to do it. Don't buy any new wool for it. Some exceptions can be made if you are a beginner hooker.

This is an opportunity for great exploration, to try out ideas and have them done with in one day!

You can divide your space into 31 any way you wish

OR not divide at all and be random and let motifs slid into each other.

Maybe you will enjoy reflecting on yesterday and hooking it today... maybe you will enjoy an in the moment hook.


Try to hook a rug in a size you can deal with each day. Maybe you can deal with 5 inches, maybe a 2 inch space is more reasonable. Maybe one line? You decide.

What you don't need to do this challenge:
to be a designer

to be a certified pencil holding sketching artist

the whole design in mind at once

direction or a purpose other than to seize and record your day.

The belief that you can't do it.

I hope you will join me!

For inspiration about more traditional journaling go here

“I am enamoured of my journal”
Sir Walter Scott

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