Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Search for heart

Here I am last night with the mother of all heart rugs. At Jackson's Cove the shore is a heap of wonderful flat rocks, I love rocks and I collect heart rocks. How I wish this one didn't weight a ton and I would have taken it home. It was all I could do to hold it up.
Never mind the babushka kerchief, if you live here you respect black flies, their season and the skin on your head.

Lots of people I've been talking to lately want more than a search for a heart on the shore.
They are looking for heart in what they see, buy and do, including their own rugs.
Here's a little list on how I think we can include more:

Look for themes recurring that compel you, act on them
Notice details you like, include them in your work
Complete nothing you've lost interest in
Feel your feelings
Make a ton of stuff
Don't let any project last too long
Get encouraging and supportive people around you
The answer to every thing else is yes
Wake the heck up, you aren't in a dress rehearsal, this be your real thing, right now
Have a mini date every day with yourself for artistic noodling
Don't take yourself too seriously
Set goals and challenges frequently, revise them as needed
Love yourself and everything you do, you are a gift to the rest of us, thank you for sharing!

I'm going back to get my giant rock, I want it!!
How I'm going to carry it, that's just a technicality.


  1. Oh Wanda! I want that rock! I've always had a thing for rocks too and that heart would be a dream in my rock memory garden! Love the post and your words come at the perfect time. You're such a cutie!! xxoo Cathy G (P.S. With Mother's Day around the corner may a certain rock be on your wish list?)

  2. Cathy, come on over, maybe we can split custody if we can get it up the 45˚ hill.... LOL
    I'll see what I can do with a sling and a partner.

  3. Wow Wanda, that is quite a find. You may be the only person in it's million years of existence to see it as a heart.
    I suggest rolling the boulder onto an old blanket or comforter. Then invite all your friends to grab on and pull it the hill. Free beer and wine back at the house! :) Wish I could help.
    I am inspired by your list on how to include more heart...do you mind if I copy it and stick it to my fridge? Love, Alicia

  4. Love your big heart rock....so much bigger than any I have in my growing collection. When I first started looking for them, I very rarely found any....but once I had trained my brain to see them, I rarely left a beach without one (or several). I will e-mail you a picture of the largest, most perfect heart rock I've ever seen, taken at the Cape D'Or lighthouse in NS......

  5. Whoops! I just went looking for the picture and it's not where I thought it would be....I will keep searching....

  6. Copy Print and share Alicia!

  7. Jen, I didn't know we had that in common too, how cool is that?
    i can't wait to see another pillagers gain! LOL!