Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 31 Made a library for my room

I know experts say NO BOOKS IN BEDROOMS.
Even when I try not to do it they pile up!
During the moving of the grooving twosome we lost much furniture and we gained a big piece, a couch.
I had my current books sort of piled up on Nessa's hope chest because when Thea moved in Nessa's room she needed her desk and Nessa didn't want her chest in her apartment, it came furnished.
Into my room it went.
Now it is going and all the books piled up there are now on their own shelf which is too small for the place I have it in so now I'll be moving more stuff around tomorrow. Will this ever end?
I also got delivery of my knight and bishop banks of drawers to stand rank on either side of my stove, meaning more moving stuff, I don't know where a damn thing is!
About my general life right now all I can say is " Where was I before this all began last April?"
WHEW... I'm not sure I know.
This effort brings me to the end of make a thing a day for December. With your indulgence I think I stretched the boundaries of what can be considered made.
I'll write tomorrow about what I noticed about my creations.
Happy New Year to us all!


  1. Happy New Year to you, too, Wanda!
    jill in Ontario

  2. I think you did a yeoman's job at producing something every day, Wanda!! Happy 2010 to you!