Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 27 Double delight!

I had a splendid time between 10 and 11 making this harbinger of spring. Silk ribbon stitching with yarn flower and a houndstooth check I used in a dye demo at Manistee rug school (what to do with black and white wool.) The stitch around the frame was more dyed spin off. I'm working that stuff and how! Just when I'm looking for that special little something, there it is. Speaking of something special do you see a little viagra seeking freudian message in that flower? ( but what message is it ?)
Funny how taking a photo of something makes things all too apparent. I think some strategically placed french knots might do the trick.

Today a trip to the Patch netted a wonderful bouquet of 20 CASHMERE sweaters. It was the "stuff a bag for $20 sale". If you want to be nice to me you could say I've made a great purchase.
I like to use these sweaters to sleep in or play outside in until they are no longer viable. Single knit cashmere is very prone to sudden holes with little or no provocation. When they get ratty I like to wash them roughly and cut them up for hooking projects. They dye beautifully.

Dyeing Tip
When dyeing sweaters be aware it takes more dye than when you use wool flannel. My guess and it is only a guess; there is a more open way about the wool when spun and knit, more fibres exposed to be dyed. Although our dyes for rug hooking are all protein dyes, you won't get the same colour pound for pound and measure for measure using yarn, woven wool flannel for rug hooking, silk or nylon. Your results will vary. Something like having pets or kids or a life.
Now that is a great gravestone saying:
My results varied.

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