Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Two - Stringing you along

For over a year I've had dozens of gray pearls to string and though I made a start at it today I'm woefully inadequate.
When you string pearls you tie a knot after each pearl as tightly to it as possible. This keeps the pearls from grinding against each other and causing damage. You are to string them on silk for the same low impact reason.

I AM BAD AT THIS !! VERY VERY BAD. And I'm enjoying how bad I am immensely.
But I've got to get these pearls strung up and on my oily little neck before they start to lose luster.

My hint for the day : You can cut wool as long as you like, if your piece of wool is two yards long and you want to, you can have a strip that is two yds long... in a #6 cut average loop level you will get about a 14 or 15 " long hooked section.
To cut a straight long strip, don't have the wool very wide, rip it so it is about 6" across.
Life is short, strips don't have to be !

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