Saturday, December 12, 2009

DayTwelve - We've got balls !

Today I had a special visitor and it was not what you are thinking !
Caryn came to visit!! She brought GIFTS which you will see tomorrow, they were AMAZING and incredible, right now at this moment I am the only one on the planet with this particular passionate purple item !!! Mysterious eh ?

Now back to our topic of this evening... what WE made today.
We spent uncountable HOURS fixing my button creation, but I think we are almost there, will post picture of it hanging tomorrow.
As you can see I'm holding some LOVELY felted balls.
Caryn's is on the left hand side, mine is on the right.

I just took another picture of Caryn's so it might show up better, it's very nicely made. I believe there might have been so touch of tomfoolery afoot !

We use rough roving and formed a ball with dry felting needles. Then we coated them with delicious colours and began to use more of that marvy spin off yarn to embellish and titivate them.
We love them and hope you do too.
A comment might be encouraging and nice to receive about now.
Thank you


  1. I would love to comment on your creations!! I read faithfully every post and think it's wonderful that, at this busiest time of year, you are making something unique and wonderful ~ every day!!!!

  2. I think they are MARVELOUS! What did you use for dye? I can tell you two are having too much fun!! XXOO Cathy G

  3. wooo those balls! Maybe you could make 2 small ones for Smurf....he still has a complex. I think he'd like any color but blue. : ) So happy that you are enjoying a soul filling weekend with a dear friend. (Hopefully you are making more balls today and not hooking. I need a time extension!) Love, Jean

  4. Those needle felted pieces are great! I myself am couchbound with a knee replacement and cannot yet sit comfortably at my frame. It drives me crazy just sitting here without something to do with my hands so I decided to try my needle felting for the second time. My first attempt was a beagle, he's a pretty handsome guy even though he has four different sized feet and one of his ears fell second attempt was making a ball like question and comment is do I get the blood from my acupunctured fingers off my needle felting?? Ha Ha!
    Seriously Wanda I want to thank you...this awesome website and my husbands work laptop have saved my sanity in the last 10 days! Have a good Sunday!
    Debra Davidge

  5. I love those little felted balls!!! I haven't tried needle felting yet. YET being the key word! Thanks for sharing these colorful creations! Love them!

  6. Alice, how good it is to know you are out there reading ! Thank you.
    This creating each day allows me to concentrate on what I think is most important in my life - making things. If I can make I know I can survive anything !
    I love , love , love to have someone to just make something with. I didn't realize how much I needed it until I had a person who made something with me about twice a week moved far away about 5 years ago. I need a posse sometimes in the great vast plain of creation. I used regular dyes for wool. You can't go mushing up and agitating roving like you can wool flannel and it practically disappears in the sink when you wet it if it is white, you don't want that stuff running down the drain! Other than that I use the frying pan and you can create very specialty dyed roving you don't often see for sale.
    If you have colour preferences be careful not to pass them onto your fur children. I hope you hook like fury today.
    Debra !
    When I make a kit for a dry felting class I include a hazmat suit and a pint of O negative! Truthfully I do include a bandaid because at first you are gonna poke yourself. I have made some dog bone ugly dry felted things, Caryn adopted a Mermaid yesterday and took it home to hopefully give it a makeover! When making a ball you can gather up the edges of your roving that is pulled out in a sheet shape and when you form your loose ball you can use a straight pin to hold the tucked up edges until you can felt them in. This lessens the "impact" of the needle running straight through the roving faster than the speed of light and magnetically search out the first solid surface- your flesh. Reminds me a scud missile ! As the ball tightens up I like to roll it rapidly on my palms, which I have licked ( I KNOW < IT IS SO GROSS BUT IT WORKS SO WELL !) to soften the holes I poked and to make sure I perfectly round.

    Kim, it made me as happy as can be to see your post about our balls ! Thank you
    And thank you all for these comments, long may they continue, I love a dialogue, much better than a speech. More , More please.