Thursday, January 7, 2010

The colours least considered

Generally we don't notice some colours, you might think these are neutrals.
It has come to my attention that individuals each have their version of the un-noticed.
What are your rather not look at selections ?
I have terrible, terrible time with the pastels among us.
When I'm looking at something very attractive to me I can almost assure you it is NOT pastel.
But to create good or even fine work this lack of noticing or looking at pastels will hamper me and hinder my creations badly.
So to rectify this personal oversight I got me a book. I like to gently into the night.
white hot by Tricia Guild
book cover: tricia guild - white hot
Here is what I hope will happen, I will come to appreciate what pastels and what they can do for me, if nothing more than to use them as the transition from lights to darks. I do kinda like some of the juxtapositions in this book's illustrations. Surprise, Surprise!
What could you do to understand those colours which are irksome to you ?

I promised you a post on the things I noticed about my December creations.
Triangles ruled- as a curvy lover no one is more surprised than me.
Colours- lots of grayed out colours hmmmph, now that's a shock!
lines- lots of straight ones... what the hey ?

I see a new horizon for me.
You know, that's just the thing I think is most important about any endeavour. You will change, you must grow, when you can accept that, you can embrace that which you thought wasn't for you.
Triangles and muted colouration, here I come !

Hint for the day:
Look after yourself ( hook first ) and everything else will take care of itself in its own good time.

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  1. I enjoy the fact that all of our thoughts, feelings, and things we find attractive change and morph all the time. The colors I loved 10 years ago are not the colors I love today. Who knows where we will grow to be in another 10 years and what we will be enjoying. I will have to check out that book...thanks for sharing.