Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 18 I love this simple string

Today I created late. JUst a slight amount of confusion, merely lasted 4 hours instead of 20, life is simmering down!
I had dyed a ombre roving with slate blue running into golden pear into maple syrup all pro chem dyes. I used a dip dyed strip to sew them together.
That simple !
I like the slight wonkyness of each ball and the colour gradation, it is so restful to look at that, my eye feels delightfully satisfied.

Today I was never more thankful, a good friend is suffering from a dreadful event in her life, what a brave and amazing woman she is, like a superwoman... so what was I thankful about ?
She asked for wool to dye! She's starting to come back to herself. That was a terrific call I got.
I was so glad I gifted it. At last I could do something to help. Do you know anyway you could help someone?

Living is a risky sort of business... so is hooking a rug, how are things going to turn out ? There are no guarantees. But there is, as I've mentioned, a rich forest of wonder to dwell in no matter what we are doing. You could be living as Hansel and Gretel or The Seven Dwarves. Maybe you are in the Secret Garden, or with Grizzly Adams. Are you Robin Hood or Yogi Bear ?
When I'm teaching people about designing I tell them, YOU have an amazing story that only you can tell. Whenever you make anything you are telling your story,whether you intend to or not. Making things with intention is important, tell the story you want to tell, then let that story speak to and inspire others as they read it. Its meaning will grow and expand through each person that views it. You will spark others. May you create a conflagration, an inferno even. Come on baby ! Light my fire ! I've got plenty of kindling ready to blaze !
Life is good.

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