Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh what a world it would be !

Well it was not raining gumdrop or lemon drops yesterday but I do feel some definite magic was in the air.
Caryn and Mark made and brought to me the most wonderful, beautiful cutter in the world.
They are so thoughtful and amazing to give me this gift of appreciation. I am gobsmacked.
What a blessing they are and it is so beautiful too.
I have one of their first Honey Do Cutters and it is the best I've ever tried and I've tried them all.
Now I have this splendid one. I am one happy hooker!
On top of that Caryn generously gave me an energy treatment. She says we go through life collecting these lumps of junk on us and they need to be cleared off or we slow right down from the weight of them! That really explains alot! I feel years lighter!
We had a great visit and it was a pleasure for me to realize I have such people in my life.
I give out to others a lot and it is a great feeling to receive. Isn't it PRETTY ?
I recently had a friend I valued highly decide not to continue our relationship. As devastating and horrible as that felt it has made me appreciate those I have all the more. Thank you my friends.
My hint for today: Do unto others as you would have others do unto to you. Loving kindness I think is the way to roll in life.
If you can't be loving you can be kind, if you can't be kind you can be loving. We are all humans just having our experience here on earth and all deserve respect and understanding and probably gifts.

Here is my gift to you Jean... I DID not finish my 20in10 challenge, you are granted an extension until Tuesday night... I'll see you in the Welcome Mat then. LOL!!! The best laid plans..

PS. We just noticed we have BUGS on our wee birch bark tree, into the freezer it went ( not so kind to bugs am I ?) I hope they are not bugs who grow 1000xs their size when frozen, or the kind that devour wool or hookers or nature boys or hazel eyed beautiful girls or siamese (one reader would like that event, eh Lyn!) If there is no report tomorrow about what was made, well, you know what happened. Think of me when you create, that's all I ask. I leave my purple cutter to Michele, the Queen of the Purps.


  1. What an absolutely splendid and wonderful gift you received. It looks like a fabulous cutter that will be the envy of all. The energy treatment sounds wonderful, too--imagine feeling lighter at this time of year! You continue to be an inspiration for creativity.
    jill in Ontario

  2. You are beaming....what a photo to start my day! And the extention of time....I was disheartened thinking I had lost since all that gravy making on Friday sapped my energy over the weekend. The energy treatment looks it worked wonders. My physic outline must look like something akin to the elephant man! The birch creations are lovely...stylishly rustic. Warming up my, Jean

  3. Jill ! I feel incredibly lucky ! and doubly so to have you comment, Thank you. I'm sure the cuts I chose are unusual, #32,#6 #8 !! The 1 inch one I want to cut sweaters. Now, wouldn't it be fancy to have a wavy edged cutter wheel !

    Jean ! Isn't it the spiffing best ? Caryn is very good at what she does. I'm exceedingly careful about who does this to me. Lots offer, few are able to step aside and be conduits. I needed that treatment badly !
    Glad you liked my make over picture !

  4. Beautiful...your sweet smile and the new purple treasure! Thinking of you ~L

  5. You are truly BLEST Wanda! Awesome cutter! XXOO Cathy G

  6. Geez Wanda, cut wool much? I'd be gobsmacked for sure, and then some. It was a one-armed, six-eyed, giant purple wool-eater. What inventive and generous friends you have, lucky girl. It shows in your happy face. Alicia

  7. Wanda
    You look so happy. Glorious to see. Continue to love and be kind. It's clearly working wonders. And thank you for the inspiration and the reminder.

    BTW Beautiful Cutter Gift. What a treasure.

    talk soon

  8. And thank you, my friend, for the gift of your time just chatting and eating and creating. I feel lighter too!