Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 17 Cold Hearted Little Hussy

Here's my version of a snow hooker. Kinda beaky she's had to stand out in the crowd by using sno cone glow tones. She's got it going on.
She's made of roving, dry felted, take that anyway you wish, her handbag holds the trick of her trade. She's got balls too! (I see a theme.)
Though thin and wiry once her arms are wrapped around you, sweet bliss is found in her wooly bosom.
Hint for the day:
Be cool about it, nothing goes smooth when you are all worked up.
Set your boundaries, then relax.

Rug hint: Drawing your own pattern or adding to one ?
You better set firm boundaries here too. Make sure you are leaving enough room to finish your rug. It's what holds it all together. The edge... more than a pizza from Pizza hut...keep well back when you hook, leave plenty of room between the last row of hooking and the edge of the backing.
There are lots of was to finish rugs but be sure to steam it first then let it dry completelybefore you proceed to start to commence to finish.


  1. love it ~ proceed to start to commence to finish!!! Very funny!!! And the snow hooker is cute, too!!!

  2. What a great snow woman! Love the colors. She'll surely stand out in a crowd!!! Merry Christmas!