Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 23 More Progress on Teeny Tiny

Today I got lots of niggly things done ! The house is clean, grocery store shelves are bare, dog is long, long, long walked, the laundry put away.
I did sit down after dinner and was able to hook for an hour or so.
I've started making corrections, but what I need a a bit of time during the day for that aka LIGHT.
I can get into so much trouble using these little strips, I just keep cramming them in.
BTW This image is reversed, a mirror image so if you are comparing it to yesterday's work you will see it is flipped, as well as being flashed out. The staff photographer was out.
Speaking of using little strips... I'm known for creating an optical illusion, hooking portraits with very wide cuts, hand torn or number 12 cut. Even when people are looking directly at my rugs they will deny they are wide cut because their brain won't compute detail and wide.
I don't know how this rumour got started but I'm here to bust it!
If you are using a wide cut the wool can do so much more work for you. You can just edit down to the most important details about an area you are conceptualizing. Its shape,value, temperature and saturation. Then I just plug in what I believe to be the fitting wool.
I need to maintain my wool choices that will read for certain values, for instance, if I'm choosing value #7 to be my darkest value, every time I see a dark dark on my visual aid I know I must use value seven THOUGH it could be any colour , temperature or saturation, it must read as #7.
I always start at the eyes, not so they will be looking at me and encouraging me but because all the values found in a face are present in and around the eyes. This sets up my key for the map of face reading.
Speaking of face reading, try looking soulfully into the eyes of someone important to you. There is NOTHING more valuable to a human being than to be really noticed by another.
I see you.

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  1. Here's looking at you too. Have a wonderful holiday with your family, Wanda. And I sincerely hope that we can meet again in 2010.

    Best wishes for an amazing new year.