Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 25 It occurred to me

We had an event filled day, we filled a cube van with all of Thea's belongings and we are moving her to London tomorrow. We did have a celebratory breakfast with presents and square sausage and a good Christmas Dinner.
As we settled in to a good old episode of Bonanza and I felt like making something, probably a palovian response after 24 days!
I received some magazine holders but they were very plain and as I was watching Hoss toss some hay into the barn I was thinking quickly about how I might enliven them, paper, fabric, wool, strips, ohhhh aha ! I could hook through the tiny diamond shapes.
And I did.
Have a great day tomorrow, think of me running up and down a flight of steps. A ZILLION times!
I need to after what I had to eat today.

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  1. Wanda,
    This is really great! I hope you'll show a picture when you are finished...sitting here thinking about the corners and the logistics of working on a hard shape like that.