Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 21 Work on the Wee Rug

Man I started the day at 5AM and hurt my back, hey who was stabbing me ? It sure feels that way!
Then I got a migraine and yuck.
S all I did tonight was sit quiet and still and hook my 20 in 10 project.
I can see by the pictures I need to replace some of my lights with mediums in the forest. And brighten and darken the sky, I'm using scraps so it is dicey sometimes finding the right stuff, especially if I don't want to leave my couch.

Someone recently asked me about designing, the best advice I can give you ... just keep doing it. You need to practise to refine. There are plenty of books to study about what to try or work towards. There are rules and they are remarkably part of what will appeal to most, it is so instinctual. You just need to release and be able to create, then to go to the next level and critique according to the principles and elements of design. But you have to DO something and anything made is better than a big fat nothing!

Stop worrying ! Go out for a walk instead, you'll be surprised how things will work out as you do.

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  1. take care of yourself Wanda
    wishing you warm and happy holidays
    tony in montreal