Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 15 Cone

I have NEVER had to do so many things in one day in my life!
I'm still here, I survived, but I hadn't a clue what to make.
When I sat down I just didn't know where to start.
I've got a wee basket full of stuff to sort and sift through for inspiration.
So I started to feel this and that, before you knew it I was cutting circles out of various wools, and sweaters, I made a pile that decreased in size as it rose.
I used a button between each layer to give weight and wonky to it.
I'm so proud I could still create when I thought there was nothing left to give.
What a good surprise to end the day with.
Hint for the day:
Striving to reach beyond what you thought was possible is always rich with gifts for the heart and soul and in this case the eyes !
Have great day !
Hooking hint? Just be kind to yourself as you create. If you aren't making mistakes, you aren't making anything. Mistakes are where all the rich matter of individuality compost


  1. Wanda,
    You should name that little ornament Rejoice! It's very cool! Cathy G

  2. I like your ornament...it looks like a colorful Christmas tree to me.
    The last paragraph of your latest blog entry really spoke to me today, Wanda. So true about mistakes. In my experience, they often lead to new skills and discoveries. ...Where all the rich matter of individuality compost...Love That!