Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DAY ONE Make a thing a day!

I made a lot of things today, I made my feet sore( breaking in hiking boots). I made very dark fuschia wool orange red ( just add a TON of yellow dye ), I made a souffle and rice pudding for my old Honey and I made a fresh start on my Vogue Rug whose colours got away on me and I was surprised to note the removing of NAVY released some awful tension it held.

I will be posting updates on this as I work through the craziness that is that rug. Note to self, no hooking a rug before you are finished conceptualizing the colour placement.
I'm thrilled to be back at my felting machine and made this brooch. It is two plaids, one perl cotton top stitch with a surround of intermittently whipped tapestry yarn. The only thing I do by machine is the joining of the two hearts. Sounds downright poetic doesn't it ?
Don't mean to look so self satisfied.... nor skewer a heart... if you like this you can buy it! Write me!

1 comment:

  1. I'm tired just listening to what you did in one day! Looking forward to seeing the changes in the vogue rug. Really love that smile on your face! It brings a smile to mine. Talk soon. Love, Jean and Smurf