Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 8 If only, the regrets of a doer

OH If only I had made the tree trunk weave right up inside of those colourful branches.
I think I'll make another and create that optical play.
As soon as I had it irrevocably felted that's when I noticed my chance to make something really exciting... DOH !
Instead I was busy executing my plan of ACTION. Too busy to see what else COULD or MIGHT transpire ! LOL
That's what happens when you get fixated on one idea, it doesn't leave room for another to develop as you go and grow.
So my lovely little tree will stand as a testimony to what might have been.

I like making these little door hangers. This one is a selvedge edge of a rapunzel, 2 yds long.
I pointed the top end with scissors and stuck it up and began felting, folding over each way, back and forth increasing the width of the branches each time. I then added a trunk (next time I'll fix it up, you can bet on that)
I backed it with another piece of wool with a reinforcing band of heavy wool at the top between the two, trimmed the piece with noro and some of my hand dyed yarn that I crotched, sewed on some vintage buttons with some of my spin offs from Putney,Vermont and I was done.

Here is my hint for the day:
it is good to have some sort of receptacle to put your hooking tools in. I suggest people have a clam shell glasses case near by so when the phone rings or you have to get the mail youplace your scissors and hook right in there. This saves them from disappearing down the couch cracks, rolling under the end table or being chewed while you aren't looking (those pesky teething husbands) You will always know where your tools are among your strips or in your bag or on your couch!

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  1. And it's mine....all mine.....mwhahahahahaaaa!